Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: BadiMaa Accepted Simar as BaddiBahu

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update: BadiMaa Accepted Simar as BaddiBahu

In tonight’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka seated Movement in the life of simar as well as Arav. Yes, you how to read it right that tonight’s episode is going to be a blockbuster as the most awaited moment has been in the serial now. Being an enthusiast of this serial we know that it was difficult for you to keep patience to witness the most precious moment in the life of simar. Your excitement level must be high so just keep up with the article as we are gonna we coming episode with that special movement life.

Badima goes to simar and she tells her about the importance of keys as she said that, “these are not only the keys to open up doors of this house but it has so many emotions in it and I am happy to give this honor in your hands as I accept you as the Badi Bahu of Oswal mention.” Simar has the prettiest smile on her face where is the other family members also seem happy but Reema fails to grab those keys and she seems upset.

Happily, those keys were in her hand and she gave surety that she will always go to maintain each and everything of this Oswal mentioned just like her.


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Later all the family members in front of God are appreciated similarly as well as give her lots of blessings. Other family members come forward and she also used to be praised similar to that owner but badima doesn’t like this girl and she tells her to be within her limit as she is just a guest here.

Later Simar tries to make everyone tells but then she covers all the things by asking all the family members who want to behave adrak wali chai and then everyone seems so relaxed and ready to have a cup of tea.

The next morning, Arab Spring call and she is about her feelings for Arav to someone. Arav comes to her and asks her whether she still feels for him if so then she made leaves the house.

Hence it is clear that there are going to be new challenges in front of similar in the upcoming episodes and the most interesting part is how she will going to be titled with all such problems in her life. To Grab all the written updates of upcoming episodes keep up with us.

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