Sanjay Dutt shares he ‘cried for two-three hours’ when he learnt about cancer diagnosis: ‘I was thinking about my kids, my wife’

Sanjay Dutt’s Cancer Journey:-

Cancer Diagnosis

He shared in an interview that it was just another day in lockdown. He was doing his normal routine work, then all of a sudden, he was short of breath. He was going for a bath when he started feeling uneasy. He was breathless, so he couldn’t understand what was happening to him. He called the doctor.

Sanjay Dutt cancer news today:-

At that point, an X-ray was done, which clearly showed that half of his lungs were filled with water. For him to breathe easily, the water had to be tapped out. His family prayed it would be tuberculosis, but it came out to be cancer. Everyone was in shock and it was a challenge to give this news to Sanjay Dutt. His sister went and told him, and until then he was aware of the fact that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Everyone was busy discussing the treatment methods, how to go about it, and what treatments to start with, but he says “I cried for 2-3 hours”, as it’s difficult to accept this disease. He was worried for his family and his own life.

Sanjay’s reaction to the cancer diagnosis

In a recent interview, the KGF 2, actor Sanjay Dutt, said he felt broken inside somewhere. He cried for a few hours, and couldn’t digest that he had been diagnosed with this deadly disease. He was worried about his wife and children.

However, Sanjay Dutt has already gone through many ups and downs in life, and this diagnosis was one of them. No matter what tragedies he faced in life, he soon got over them and was never shy about openly talking about them. His cancer diagnosis led him to realize the value of life, and he then began another journey of fitness.

Where did Sanjay Dutt go for treatment?

According to Sanjay, after hearing the news, he had flashbacks of his life, his journey, and his memories with his wife and children, and then he decided to be strong, strong enough to face it, and he began treatment; initially, they planned for treatment in the United States, but visas were not available, so they planned for treatment in India.

Sanjay Dutt Health Condition Today and Sanjay’s journey of Inner Strength:-

His family planned the treatment with all the steps, even the superstar, Hrithik Roshan, and his father suggested a good doctor for him. He had been told that he would lose hair and vomit, but very strongly, he told the doctor, “Muje Kuch ni Hoga.” He then started to fight for his life. Alongside treatment, he started his fitness journey. He used to go for bicycle rides after every chemotherapy session. He smiled and said, “I will not just lie in bed.” He also started playing badminton after chemo sessions in Dubai. That’s how he challenged cancer and started building muscles in the gym and came out as a warrior.

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