Sam Faiers Twitter: She posts pics on Twitter cuddling her newborn son

Sam Faiers Twitter: She posts pics on Twitter cuddling her newborn son: Sam Faiers posted adorable pics of her newborn baby when she went for the first trip after many days. She posted the pic cuddling her newborn baby and fans are excited to watch the reality star get back into action after delivering her child. For more breaking news follow

Sam Faiers new baby:-

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This is her third child and it is a baby boy. However, the name of Sam Faiers new baby is not yet revealed the moment and she is likely to announce this in the next few weeks. As of now, she has only confirmed that it is a boy. In the picture posted on social media, the reality star was seen cuddling her son as they went out for their first trip outside.

Newborn Pics of  Sam Faiers Twitter:-

Sam Faiers twitter new born pic 5

Sam mentioned that she has been staying with the baby at home for a long time and finally decided to move out on their first trip. She mentioned in her post that she has been cuddling and lounging all day with the baby and cannot get enough of it as she is completely enjoying her time with her third child. The 31-year-old star also said that she was not sure if she would go out with the baby as she is not seen outside for many days.

Sam Faiers Paul Parenthood:-

Sam Faiers twitter new born pic 5

Sam also thanked her partner Paul for being a supportive partner and good daddy. Even though she jokingly mentioned some complaints about her partner taking off from night feeding duties, she felt grateful for the support and love she got from Paul. She also thanked her fans for the good wishes she got after delivering the baby.

After seeing the cute picture on Sam Faiers Twitter, netizens have sent her warm wishes. Social media was abuzz with positive comments about the star and how she has managed her family life successfully even though she is a busy star.

Pictures of Sam:-

Sam Faiers twitter new born pic 5

Sam was seen in an oversized white shirt in the picture. She decided to pair it with camel trousers. While the baby was covered in a white dress, she held him tightly and posed for the picture. She has also seen sporting sunglasses as she planned to move out for the first time with her child.

Sam Faiers Kids:-

The star has two other children and has managed to balance her work and family life in a successful manner. She said that some credit must go to her partner Paul as he has always supported her at home. Interestingly, the star went for at-home water delivery and managed to give birth to a healthy baby.

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