Patron of Canadian Rock, Ronnie Hawkins cause of death, passed at 87

Patron of Canadian Rock, Ronnie Hawkins cause of death, passed at 87: Ronnie Hawkins who is considered the Patron of Canadian Rock died at the age of 87. He is survived by his Wanda who confirmed the news of the musician’s death fo the media. He died . on Sunday due to age related illness. Family members said that he passed away peacefully.

Ronnie Hawkins cause of death

Interestingly, he was bron just two days after the legendary Elvis Presley. The Canadian rock star had some hits in the early 1950s and also ran a club in Arkansas. In his book about music titled “Mystery Train”, Greil Marcus wrote that Hawkins was the only man who could write a sexy song like “My Gal is Red hot” look sordid. Fellow musicians remember the legend as having a good eye for talent as he was able to mentor several musicians throughout his life.

Hawkins’ first performance was in Canada and he decided that he had better chances of success in this region as many Canadian musicians usually moved to the US. Hawkins started a Canadian backing group which had Robbie Robertson playing the guitar and Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel handling the keyboard. The band came to be known as Hawks which soon outgrew Hawkins and the team moved outside and renamed as Band.

Meanwhile, Hawkins settled in Ontario and made some singles including “Down in the Alley” and “Bluebirds in the Mountain”. However, Hawkins had good relationship with the Band and was also invited as guest for few of their concerts.

Hawkins was also seen in movies like The Last Waltz, Renaldo and Clara, Heaven’s Gate. A documentary was made about Hawkins titled Alive and Kickin. Interestingly, the documentary also featured a cameo from Bill Clinton who was also from Arkansa. Hawkins had good popularity in America also as some of his songs became good hits.

Some of Hawkins’ popular albums include The Hawk, Cant Stop Rockin, Blue Moon in my Sign and Ronnie Hawkins. He was also instrumental in mentoring several musicians like Pat Travers and John Till. Hawkins also received several awards in Canada. He was named as member of Order of Canada for his contribution to music and other social causes in 2013. The legendary musician tried something different that not many people of his generation did by leaving America for Canada. For this reason, he is remembered even to this day as Patron of Rock in Canada and has millions of fans across the world.

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