Ricky Morgan Machete: ‘Terminator’ Tube attacker starts wild Underground machete attack

Ricky Morgan Machete: ‘Terminator’ Tube attacker starts wild Underground machete attack as he swings blade at commuter & now he is convicted of attempted murder: An attack is like a horror movie in real life that has changed the victim’s life forever. Anyhow the Victim JamesPorritt saved his life but his injuries will impact his life always. RickyMorgan, 34 found guilty in the case. The attacker also revealed to the passengers that, it was not a terror attack and I wanted to kill him only. For worldwide news follow onbreakingnews.com

Mr. Porritt suffered severe injuries due to Ricky Morgan Machete:

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Mr. Porritt suffered severe injuries on his hand and said before the judges, even I didn’t know the man who has attacked me with a machete. As per the circumstance and statement of the public, the attacker may be suffering from mental illness as he was a stranger to the victim and attacked him continuously without revealing the reason. His facial look and words were pointing to the man having some serious illness and he didn’t remember what he was doing which made the John Hillen( Judge) adjourn sentencing until July 22 for a psychiatric report to be prepared.

Ricky Morgan Machete: Denied being accused of murder:-

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Morgan denied being accused of murder as he did all things on the grounds of insanity. He has confessed to having a machete and a lock knife. Prosecutor Grace Ong stated to the jurors that Mr Porritt and Morgan were strangers and she said,” This was an unprovoked attack on a commuter on the Jubilee line who was going about his daily business.

Ricky Morgan Machete: Video Explained:-

ricky morgan machete attack

The incident has occurred on the 9th of July last year. A video that played in the court, expressed that Mr Porritt sat in his carriage and looked over his phone as he was nervous about the family meeting. Suddenly he heard a scream but before he reacted to it, he found someone attacking o his head. He seemed in shock and pleaded with the man to stop hitting him. He was just hitting me without saying a single word. The passenger also asked him to stop but he ignored all and rushed behind him to kill him.

I just ran for my life and the attacker also started to run behind me. All the scenarios looked like crime episodes or horror movies. Police confronted the attacker and he immediately dropped his knives and surrendered himself to them.

ricky morgan tube attack


The attacker told the psychiatrist he used to sleep with a machete and lock knife. The vodka bottle has found in his rucksack. The man was in police custody and waiting for his hearing. The incident placed on the Jubilee line train during rush hours changed the life of his and his family.

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