Review meeting of New Education Policy

Review meeting of New Education Policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reviews: The Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi held a meeting for NEP, National Education Policy. And after that meeting, PMO (Prime Minister’s office) stated New Education Policy.  

Recently Mr. Modi reviewed the implementation of the National Education Policy on Saturday. And he said after this meeting that many steps have been taken in the past several years. And these were taken just to achieve the objectives of sustainability, equity, quality, and accountability. 

PM office issued a statement

After a review meeting held by the honorable Prime Minister. Mr. Narendra Modi, PMO said that they have done many transformational changes in educational policy. And that is mainly for school dropouts. They have done the facility of multiple entries and exit policy for higher education students. This will help in the effective progress of India in the Education system. 

There are many students, who leave their education due to some family problems and other problems. This system will help them to resume their studies again. And students, who can’t complete their studies again, can start now again. And hence the education system will improve.

National Education Policy

The National Education Policy of India is also called NEP India. It was approved by the Union Cabinet of India in the year 2020. This policy tells us the vision of the new education system in India. This NEP 2020 policy replaces the old NEP which was planned in 1986.  These policies are applied to both the Urban and Rural education systems.

According to NEP 2020, there were some changes done and according to them, no one will be forced to read any particular language. And no one will be shifted from English to any other language. There were many more changes also. 

And recently PM Modi did one more change of multiple entry and exitsystemm for higher education. 

Who was present in the meeting?

In this review meeting, the Union education minister (Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan), and State Education Minister (Subhash Sarkar). Others were also present in that meeting; their names are- Principal secretory to the Prime minister – P K Mishra, Annapurna Devi, University grants Commission many senior officials of the ministry of education, Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Chairman of AICTC or the All India Council for Technical Education and the director of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). 

The Review Meeting

IN this meeting, our honorable prime minister, Mr. Modi was introduced to the progress of the National Curriculum Framework. This was prepared under the National Steering Committee.

And he added in his statement that Online and offline, both kinds of education systems should be developed for the students. So, those school-going students will face less risk. 

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