Recent Update: Lock Upp 19th April 2022 Episode Charge Sheet Karanvir & Payal Makes Fun Of Anjali & Munawar

Recent Update: Lock Upp 19th April 2022 Episode Charge Sheet Karanvir & Payal Makes Fun Of Anjali & Munawar

“Lock Upp” is the most famous web reality show full of entertainment, suspense, and enjoyment. Feeling excited to know about the latest update of your favorite show. Its 19th April 2022 episode is bringing a high voltage drama and unexpected fun for you. You will also know about the recent eliminations of the contestants. As a few names are already on top of the list whose involvement is less than other contestants and don’t deserve the part of the show further.

At the beginning of the show, you will see the amazing act by the Karanvir and Payal in front of the live audience, actually, they are imitating Anjali Arora and Munawar in short “Munjali” to punch the audience with lots of smiles. They performed the act uniquely which make everyone giggle and enjoy the performance in full swing of mood. In fact, the rest of the prisoners started laughing and could not able to stop them. Karanvir and Payal were looking to enjoy the imitating. Even though no one could suppose they acted in this way, it was the most attractive part of the current broadcasting.

 Would you like to know about their stunning performance in front of a live audience?

 So, let us tell you that the amazing actor Karanvir, Payal, and the rest reached the bottom 2 contestants’ list. Live voting is the one and only way to save them. They got 24 hours to entertain the audience and secure their position in the show. They don’t leave any flaws in their actions to make the audience happy and make sure that they will save and continue the show. But there is also a clause along with the audience they need to entertain co-prisoners as well through their act because everyone is watching them.

 In the show, Karanvir becomes Shaisha, which is a little bit boring angle that makes the audience and prisoners unhappy that flaw of performance could be proven harmful for them and could become the cause of their unexpected eviction. After all, everything depends on the live voting of the audience. But if you want to save them, you can also vote for them as per the method or policy of the show. They really need the love and support of the audience to continue the show.




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