Rana Kapoor states that he was forced to buy the MF Hussain painting for Rs. 2 crores.

Rana Kapoor states that he was forced to buy the MF Hussain painting for Rs. 2 crores.

Rana Kapoor was born in 1957. He is the co-founder of Yes Bank and is an Indian former banker. He is in custody currently. He has revealed that the purchase of MF Hussain’s painting was forced. He wasn’t interested and he tried various methods to avoid this transaction.

Rana Kapoor’s statement 

He further reveals that he was pressured by Congress and the petroleum minister, Murli Deora, to buy the painting. A statement was given by him to the Enforcement Directorate, that the money was used by the Gandhi family for the medical treatment of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and therefore a charge sheet has been filed by the anti-money laundering agency.

Blackmail from Deora’s and Gandhi’s family

Rana Kapoor said that Murli Deora blackmailed him that if he did not buy the painting, he would be restrained from forming relationships with the Gandhi family. He revealed to ED that Murli was persistent in his pressurizing tactics. He also threatened that if he didn’t buy the painting, he would also not get the Padma Bhusan award. Kapoor said that his denial of buying the painting would lead to his defamation and the destruction of his life. All the above statements are filed in a charge sheet, along with secondary supplementary sheets, which will be presented in a special court.

Kapoor says that later, it was revealed by the son of Murli Deora, Milind Deora, that all the sale proceeds were utilized by the Gandhi family for medical treatment. Ahmed Patel, who is a very dear friend of the Gandhi family, supported Kapoor in this act and appreciated him for helping the Gandhi family with medical treatment. This act will lead him to victory in the Padma Bhushan.

Pressurization from Deora’s

Rana says that it was absolutely against his will. He never wanted to buy the painting from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. He was trying to avoid all the calls and messages from Milind Deora. At that time, when Murli was alive, he even called him for dinner and said that if he doesn’t buy the painting now, the repercussions will be faced by Yes Bank and his business will be at stake. Rana stated that both the powerful families were trying to capture him from all sides so he was left with no other option than to agree to their terms. His family and he were in denial about the painting. Deora said, if he doesn’t buy the painting, he will lose his terms with both the Deora and Gandhi families, and that will surely deteriorate his life and business.

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