Proven Tips to fix the oily hair-Common causes of oily hair 

Proven Tips to fix the oily hair-Common causes of oily hair: The problem of the over greasing scalp makes the person uncomfortable. Furthermore, it makes the hair greasy and dirty. The reasons behind making the hair oily are skin problems. It can make your hair oily and dirty. Let us go ahead and explore the causes of oily hair and the tips by which you fix oily hair problems.

Common causes of oily hair 

Here are the common causes of oily hair.


  • Skin conditions affecting the body

Some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis cause the red patches on the skin. These skin conditions are due to the problems happening in the immune dysfunction. 


  • Acne on forehead

The development of the forehead acne happens when the oil traps in the skin cells. It affects the specific areas of the skin, and the acne bumps build there. 


  • Seborrheic dermatitis 

Seborrheic dermatitis is the condition that makes the skin oily. However, it causes inflammation effect on the skin. Moreover, the pink and scaly things develop around the skin. Therefore, it makes the skin oily. The person suffering from seborrheic dermatitis feels irritation in the skin. They can consult with the doctor. The medicines and proper treatment can heal the medical condition of seborrheic dermatitis. 


  • Genetics affecting the skin 

There are some genetic issues affecting the skin, making it oily. Furthermore, the glands which our body produces making the skin. 


Tips to get rid of the oily hair problems 


  • Shampoo the hair properly 

It is not rocket science to start shampooing the hair properly. You can use the shampoos available in the market, which suits your hair. Moreover, the experts advise that you should not wash your hair frequently. It can cause hair damage. You can wash your hair twice and thrice a week. Focus on putting the shampoo on your scalp and massage it properly. The scalp in the hair roots contains the oil. If you want to get rid of the excess oils from the scalp, focus on washing your hair and take out the shampoo properly.


  • Give proper conditioning to your hair. 

You are not doing the proper conditioning of your hair. However, your hair starts to look oily and greasy. Conditioning provides nourishment to your hair. Don’t forget to rinse your hair after doing its proper conditioning thoroughly. 


  • Use natural products 

The excessive use is of the hair strengtheners and blows dryers. Meanwhile, it provides shine to your hair. It is only for a limited period. The females enjoy the shine and style of the hair using such artificial. Still, they do not understand that it can damage your hair volume, making them oily. They can use the hair styling products only in a limited quantity. 


  • Clean your hairbrush frequently. 

A dirty does not work out well with clean, washed hair. Your hairbrush contains the essence of the hair styling products in them. You have to start cleaning your hairbrush properly. You can use mild cleaning products such as soap on the comb. 


  • Use the products for the oily hair 

Meanwhile, you can start using hair care products for oily hair. Don’t make excessive use of such products. You can use them at a limit, which is beneficial for you and your scalp to get rid of the presence of the oils from them. 


  • Avoid using the hair products containing silicone

It is advisable the health experts that you should not use hair products that contain silicone in them. However, it adds extra gloss and shines on your hair, making them oily. It would help if you stopped using hair care products that contain silicone. 


  • Rinse the hair properly. 

You should spend some extra minutes rinsing your hair correctly. Remove the shampoo and conditioner properly from your hair so that it does not cause oily issues in the hair. Then, you can keep your hair healthy for a long time. 


  • Avoid playing with the hair causing damage. 

Don’t try to play with the play and lock them. It can cause hair damage. The more you will start playing with the hair. However, the worse your hair condition will become. Brushing and touching the hair frequently stimulate the presence of the oil glands in them. You can use your hands to draw down the extra oils from the hair. 


  • Try to use dry shampoo on your hair. 

People are struggling with the issue of oily hair. Then, they can start using the dry shampoo, which can provide the benefits of getting rid of oily scalp problems. However, the frequent occurrence of oily scalp irritates the skin. It makes the person feel uncomfortable. Some dry shampoos come with a scent in them, which provides freshens to the hair of the person who applies it. 


  • Deep conditioning using the coconut oil 

You can do the scalp treatment by using coconut oil on the hair. Additionally, the therapy helps eliminate the presence of oiliness from the scalp and the roots. Therefore, it is the best remedy for providing nourishment to your hair.  


  • Shampoo the hair with the tea tree oil 

You can take the tea tree oil and start shampooing your hair using it. It contains antibacterial properties, which help improve the condition of dandruff and itchiness. It improves the condition of the grease in the hair. The tea tree oil contains active ingredients which can keep the hair in better shape. 




Oily scalp is not a bad thing. Furthermore, the presence of oil in the hair in an adequate quantity is good for the hair. Still, the excess fat in the scalp can cause a nuisance. We have shared some remedies in the article. You can try these remedies, which are helpful to keep the hair in the proper condition and get rid of the excess oil from the oil. These hair care remedies are effective only when you follow these remedies regularly. You pick one treatment to reduce the extra oil from the hair. Don’t miss following the procedure to make your hair healthy. 


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