Prince William BOOED: By Liverpool fans during final match with Chelsea

Prince William BOOED: By Liverpool fans during final match with Chelsea: The final match between Liverpool and Chelsea will be remembered for different reasons other than the goals. When Prince William who also happens to be the Duke of Cambridge and President of Football Association went up to meet the Liverpool and Chelsea players before the match, thousands of fans started making obscene hand gestures and booed the Prince. The behaviour was widely condemned by many politicians and other supporters on social media.

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle also criticized the incident and said that such actions by fans bring disrepute to the game. The final match of the FA Cup should bring people together as a country and it was unfortunately ruined by some fans due to their bad behaviour. Former Culture Secretary Karen Bradley also said that the behaviour of the fans was not acceptable and also urged the organization to take appropriate action against those responsible for the ruckus at the stadium.

The fans started jeering during the recitation of the Abide by Me hymn and it reached the peak during the National Anthem. As Prince William started meeting the players before the match, the fans started booing him loudly. Interestingly, this is not the first time such behaviour is seen by Liverpool fans as they are usually known for booing God Save the Queen since many years.

The Liverpool fans still have some anger towards the Royal Family as the region has been neglected since many decades purposefully according to them. Along with that, the Hillsborough disaster further deepened the hatred they had for the Queen. This behaviour was also seen during the Liverpool and Chelsea match in the Carabao Cup earlier this year.

Michael Cole who worked as the BBC Royal Correspondent in the past also criticized the actions of the fans and asked the Football Association to take appropriate action. He also expressed his anger at the commentators as they did not even mention anything about the unruly behaviour of Liverpool fans during the match. They chose to ignore the issue during the match and focused on the game.

Several other prominent politicians and leaders in the country had similar opinion and they felt that it was not the right platform to express their anger against the royal family. They could have done it in a dignified manner some other day. Prince William is currently the head of FA and has good interest in the sport.

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