Prime Minister Imran Khan keeps gifts worth Rs 140 million, which he retains by paying a negligible amount. Imran Khan news today live.

Prime Minister Imran Khan keeps gifts worth Rs 140 million, which he retains by paying a negligible amount: Pakistan PM Imran Khan received gifts from leaders from all over the world. He had sold all the gifts in Dubai for Rs 155 million, as alleged by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. For all breaking news worldwide follow

During PM Imran Khan’s 3-year period, he received 58 gifts worth Rs. 140 million. He retained them by paying a negligible amount or no amount whatsoever. Generally, a certain amount has to be paid if these gifts are to be sold.

While PM Imran Khan is known for his stand against corruption, he implemented several serious laws and responsibilities to eliminate corruption and was firm in extracting it from the corners of Pakistan, but it was reported that he sold Toshakhana gifts in Dubai worth Rs. 140 million.

He received other gifts, which were extremely expensive. He received all the luxury one could imagine, including a Rolex watch, high-end cufflinks, bracelet, necklace, and ring, earning an estimated value of Rs. 23.5 million, which was retained at Rs. 11.3 million.

One of the two Rolex watches was worth Rs. 1.5 million, which was retained in return for Rs. 2,94,000, and the other watch was worth Rs. 3.8 million, which he retained by just paying Rs. 7,40,000. He received other Rolex watches, an iPhone, and other luxury products, all with an estimated value of Rs. 1.73 million, which was retained for Rs. 3,38,000.

If we add all these luxury items together, Imran Khan paid a total of Rs. 38 million for gifts worth Rs. 140 million. Other gifts valued at Rs. 8 lacs were retained with no payment. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif revealed that the most expensive gifts are sold in Dubai.

Imran Khan news today live:-

In 2018, a committee was setup by P. Imran Khan to calculate the total value of items, which came out to be Rs. 100 million. These gifts were retained by paying only 20% of the total estimated value, as reported by The News International.

According to previous rules, all the gifts received by the government from another leader are to be kept in the treasury, but in the event that they want to retain them, they have to pay 20% of the total value. In December 2018, the value changed to 50%, but PM Imran Khan allegedly sold them in Dubai, earning Rs.155 million. The person who paid for the retention is yet to be discovered, and whether or not tax was paid is another matter of concern.

Imran Khan’s public image is completely at stake as he has definitely violated laws of corruption, even after being the Prime Minister. The entire country is supposed to follow the rules of the PM, but as he is the PM, what kind of example will he set for others? Imran Khan gave references against previous president Asif Ali Zardari and previous prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Yousaf Raza Gillani, blaming them for getting luxury gifts and vehicles from the treasury and retaining them.


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