Pfizer’s are best covid-19 pills: World Health Organization

Pfizer’s are best covid-19 pills: World Health Organization: WHO strongly recommends the use of Pfizer’s antiviral pill named –Paxlovid. Patients who are having mild symptoms should have Paxlovid. According to WHO’s experts- United States pharma’s Pfizer’s a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir and this was the perfect choice of treatment for unvaccinated, elderly,, or immunocompromised people with Covid-19.

Earlier it was said by the WHO only that for the same patientsRemdesivir has to be given. This medicine was made by US biotech firm Gilead. But now, recently,  this organization recommended Paxlovid over redeliver, as well as over Merck’s molnupiravir pill and monoclonal antibodies. These are very effective for covid-19 patients.

Pfizer’s is an oral medicine. And its treatment prevents hospitalization, according to the WHO’s experts. WHO’s research is keeps on going and according to that study only they recommended these medicines. They did two trials involving almost 3,100 patients which showed that Paxlovid reduced the risk of hospital admission by 85 percent.

This medicine can be given to people over the age of 18, but not to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Though, it should not be given to patients with a low risk of complications from the disease, since the profits would be minimal.
The WHO’s experts also refused to give an opinion for patients with severe forms of the disease, due to a lack of data.

Patients must start taking thisPaxlovid pills within 5 days of the onset of symptoms — the course then lasts five days. While Remdesivir can be taken within seven days of symptoms setting in, it is administered intravenously over three days.
However,, still, it’s a question of whether the virus could build resistance to these treatments.

Few things you need to know regarding Pfizer’s antiviral pill- Paxlovid:

  • This is a combination of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir tablets and is administered orally.
  • The UN agency has advised against its use in Covid patients at lower risk of hospitalization.
  • Anti covid pill Pfizer will be included in the WHO prequalification list, the health agency said that generic products are not yet available from quality-assured sources.
  • According to the WHO, a licensing agreement between Pfizer and Medicines Patent Pool limits the number of countries that will be beneficial from the generic production of the pill.



Covid-19 or the coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Everyone knows about covid-19. The whole country in fact world is affected by this pandemic. Most people who fall sick with this disease, will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without any special treatment. And on the other hand, some will become seriously ill and require medical attention.

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