Peru vs New Zealand live updates Score, stream information:

Peru vs New Zealand live updates Score, stream information: The fate of Peru will depend on the result between UAE and Australia and it is likely to be decided today. The RCDE Stadium is all set to host the teams in Spain. The stadium which was built in 2009 has a seating capacity of close to 40000 people.

So far, Christian Cueva is the top scorer for Peru with 5 goals and Gianluca Lapadula along with Andre Carrillo have three goals each. Chris Wood is the top scorer for New Zealand with 4 goals.

The Peru vs New Zealand friendly match is all set to happen in Spain today. New Zealand and Peru are off to a slow start and things are not looking very interesting as it enters 20 minutes into the game. However at the end of 25th minute, Peru came close to scoring a goal but it did not happen as the defence of New Zealand was good and Peru missed the golden opportunity.

This seems to have improved the confidence of Peru and they are going for more attacks. At the rehydration break, the score is still 0-0. The technicians of both the teams are trying to boost the spirt and send few instructions to the players. At the end of half time, the match is still stuck at 0-0 and things are not looking very exciting for the fans.

After the half time, New Zealand tries to attack but it is not able to penetrate the defence of the opponents. At around 70 minutes into the game, Peru strikes the first goal of the match and takes a lead of 1-0. Gianluca Lapadula scored the goal for Peru and things are looking very exciting at this stage.

New Zealand also tries to attack at this stage but Peru looks very aggressive and was almost close to scoring the second goal of the match. The match is coming to a close and it looks like Peru is having an edge over New Zealand at this stage. Fans are excited to see a result in this match.

Finally, the match comes to an end with Peru winning the friendly game against New Zealand with 1-0 score. The match started off on a slow note but it took an exciting turn after the first half of the match. As soon as the second half started, Peru got more aggressive and it paid off with a goal. Even though New Zealand tried to attack, it was not able to penetrate the defence easily. At the end, about 4 minutes was added to the match. However, the result was still 1-0 with Peru taking the lead against New Zealand.

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