Nick Cave Collabs with Party Dozen? Here’s an official video for new single “Macca The Mutt”

Party Dozen releases the official video for the new single “Macca The Mutt” featuring Nick Cave: Party Dozen has some exciting news for fans as they have released the official video for their new single “Macca The Mutt”. Interestingly, this has guest vocals by none other than Nick Cave and this is the first time Party Dozen has collaborated with another artist on a song. Nick Cave will also be featured in the video apart from rendering vocals for this single. For worldwide news follow

Part Dozen released a short clip for the new single “Macca The Mutt”

The short clip released today by Part Dozen has glimpses of the exotic setup for the song. Several cars in the yard were getting destroyed in the visuals and it appeared to have good production values. Apart from that, the team was also seen performing in a warehouse that looked very old and dingy. The setup also had cars being crushed in the warehouse from the back of a truck. Along with that, the video also featured many other assorted settings that looked very nice and synced perfectly with the music.

New single “Macca The Mutt” featuring Nick Cave

Party Dozen releases "Macca The Mutt" featuring Nick Cave

Interestingly, there was no close shot of Nick Cave in the video so far and fans hope that he may be represented as one of the faceless characters who are seen in the video. The artist was a last-minute addition to the Party Dozen single according to sources. Initially, they had other plans but finally decided to collaborate with Nick Cave.

In the video, Nick appears chanting:-

In the video, the vocals of Nick appear chanting “I got a mutt, I got a Mutt, I got a Mutt/ Got a mutt, got a mutt called Macca” This single was released in May 2022 and it is from the third album of Party Dozen titled The Real Work.

Macca The Mutt release date:- 

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The album is all set to release on the 8th of July through Temporary Residence. In Australia and New Zealand, the album will be released through Grupo. Earlier, two singles from The Real Work featuring Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet have been released so far by the team. The album got good success so far and Party Dozen was featured on Sub Pop’s Single Club series. Interestingly, it is only the second Australian act to get featured on this list.

Fans are getting excited after watching the short video released by Party Dozen and they hope that it will have a good run on the charts. The setup is rich and the visuals are appealing and sync perfectly with the tempo of the song.

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