Paige DeSorbi and Carig Conover are in relationship. Who is Paige DeSorbi? Paige DeSorbi Age, instagram, Net Worth, career and profession.

“Winter House” stars Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo moving to Charleston for the Summer

The Southern Charm star, Craig Conover, is busy these days preparing his Charleston, South Carolina home for DeSorbo to move in with her. He is heading towards the next step in his relationship with Paige DeSorbo.

While both of them initially started their friendship in 2021, they used to spend more time together, when they worked together in Winter House, a TV Show, a few months later they confirmed their relationship also. He worked on the current season of the TV show Summer House, and both of them recently wrapped filming on Winter House season 2.

Once during an interview, Conover told how their friendship “naturally” evolved into a relationship. According to him, they both had a crush on each other from those days only when he came to the Hamptons for Kyle’s birthday party and they always had an eye for each other.

“I met Craig, actually, three years ago and he was single. I had a boyfriend at that time and I respected that I was in a relationship,”, Paige during an interview.

She added further, “When we got to Vermont, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. So, I was a little bummed that time, when I first got there. But, he was respectful to his girlfriend.”

Conover also admitted that the twosome was crushing on each other ever since he filmed an episode of Summer House for Kyle Cooke’s birthday in 2019. He added, “We are very happy now, and I don’t think either of us has ever dated someone else in the industry. We get each other, it’s nice. We are each other’s biggest fans, which is something that I’ve always looked for.”

“It was done healthily. We first made a friendship and got to know each other first, and it all happened naturally. You can see the foundation of our relationship start to form on the show,” Conover added.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo Relationship:-

Who is Craig Conover? Wiki Bio and Net Worth.

If we talk about Craig Conover, 32, he is a very famous American television personality and very well known for being cast in a very famous reality show: Southern Charm in 2014. Apart from this, he worked in many TV shows like Summer house, Winter house, etc. Apart from acting, he is the owner of a pillow company named –Sewing down south. His net worth will be appx USD 10M according to sources.

Who is Paige DeSorbo? Wiki Bio and Net Worth.

Paige DeSorbo, 29, is also a very famous American actress and a model. She is very well known as a cast member of the TV show Summer house, which was aired on bravo in 2019. Hew’s net worth will be appx USD 5M according to sources.

Craig Conover Age:-

Craig Conover is 32 years old.

Paige DeSorbo Age:-

Paige DeSorbo is 29 years old.

Craig Conover Instagram:-

Craig Conover is on Instagram with the handle @caconover and he has 812k followers.

Paige DeSorbo Instagram:-

Craig Conover is on Instagram with the handle @paige_desorbo and he has 717k followers.

Paige Desorbo Net Worth:-

As per the confined sources, Paige Desorbo’s estimated net worth is $4-5 million USD.

Craig Conover Net Worth:-

As per the confined sources, Craig Conover’s estimated net worth is $8-10 million  USD.

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