OUTER RANGE Season 1: Release Date, Streaming Platform, Trailer, Cast, and Plot. Where was Outer Range made?

OUTER RANGE WAS MADE WHERE? The locations of Josh Brolin’s thrillers are thoroughly investigated.

The location of the shoot is the primary basis of concern. It makes or breaks the visuals of a movie. While the green sheet is an option, the digitally created background can never beat the real one. The effects and beauty of a real location make a movie magnificent.

However, finding a good location is a big task, especially in Western dramas like Amazon’s prime video series “Outer Range.” There are many requirements to be fulfilled for a location to be finalized, so a lot of research is done before this happens. Taking a location as a shooting location is never easy. Special permission is required to acquire the location for shooting.


The movie revolves around a mysterious storyline. Josh Brolin narrates a story about a man named “Royal Abbott,” a cattleman who works hard for his livelihood while the neighborhood Tillerson Ranch makes plots for his land.

The story moves ahead, and there is a plot change where we see Abbott and his family searching for their lost daughter-in-law named Rebbeca, and then a wanderer named Autumn arrives in town. His unexpected death leads to a chain of weird incidents that leave everyone in shock and fear. The community nearby remains in utter trauma, while Abbott’s grazing field suffers from a mystical void.

OUTER RANGE SEASON 1: Release Date:-

The outer range was released on the 15th of April on Amazon Prime.

OUTER RANGE SEASON 1: Streaming Platform:-

The outer range was released on Amazon Prime.


This movie was filmed in some parts of Los Angeles, California, and also in New Mexico, the US. Various parts of New Mexico were taken into account for shooting.

The chief filming location featured in the series is the city of Albuquerque in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The outer shoots were done in this place. The shooting was conducted in various parts of New Mexico, as well as parts of Los Angeles.

OUTER RANGE Season 1: Plot:-

The production process began in January 2021 and continued for 6 months till June. The shooting took place across various parts of Albuquerque. Indoor shoots took place at I-25 studios in the north of Albuquerque.

While originally the shoot was to be done at Calvary in Alberta, Canada, due to COVID-19, all the plans were changed and the shooting location changed to New Mexico. Some parts of the shoot were done in Los Angeles, known as the heart of film city. Los Vegas and Santa Fe. These two locations were also used for shooting a few parts of the show.


  • Josh Brolin will be seen as Royal Abbott
  • Lili Taylor will be seen as Cecilia Abbott
  • Tamara Podemski will be seen as Deputy Sheriff Joy
  • Tom Pelphrey will be seen as Perry Abbott
  • Imogen Poots will be seen as Autumn
  • Lewis Pullman will be seen as Rhett Abbott
  • Noah Reid will be seen as Billy Tillerson
  • Shaun Sipos will be seen as Luke Tillerson


Other projects were filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is a very famous location for shooting. Various projects were conducted here. Its popularity as a filing space has increased in the past few years. Two of the most famous shows, “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” have done their shooting at this location.

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