OnlyFans Fenella Fox makes more than 300K pounds in 2 years on OnlyFans by sharing hairy armpit photos- but says her s*x life suffered

OnlyFans Fenella Fox makes more than 300K pounds in 2 years on OnlyFans by sharing hairy armpit photos- but says her s*x life suffered: An OnlyFans named Fenella Fox has made over 300K pounds in the last two years by posting photos of her with hairy armpits. However, she adds that her s*x life has suffered due to this as men brand her unhygienic and dirty.

The 28 year old model from Worcester decided to not shave her armpits in 2017 as he had constant pressure of meeting the expectations of men. As a mark of protest against such expectations, she started maintaining hairy armpits. She says that she has come to terms with her body hair and no longer feels uncomfortable about it. It also made her feel more feminine in many ways.

However, the reaction of some men towards these pictures are not so encouraging as she receives constant negative comments about her body hair. While many have called it disgusting and dirty, some have even gone to the extent of giving her death threats for posting such photos online. Interestingly, few have commented that she would remain single forever.

Fenella started working as a cam girl in 2014 and later became part of OnlyFans. Surprisingly, her family has supported her decision and they are not worried about her work. She says that she feels very confident about her body and it is now easy for her to pose naked for the camera. She is also interested in nudist parties and events and feels that there would be less problems in the world when everyone becomes comfortable with nudity.

However, this attitude did not come all of a sudden as she faced challenges during her growing stage in college. She said that she was overly sexualized for having large breasts and also faced a groping incident at school. She only grew up to become more stronger and says that she now feels it thrilling to lift her arms in a dance club amidst other women who shave their armpits.

She has also urged other women to be comfortable with their body hair and accept them without any guilt. She blames the expectations of men for this attitude among women. She is also not comfortable with the double standards of society which does not expect men to shave but women have to be clean shaved all the time.

The only downside of this attitude is that her sex life has suffered and she has had sex only twice in the last few years. On one such occasion, her partner complimented her body hair and she felt good about it.

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