One-piece manga series chapter 1051 Reddit, everything about it you must know

One-piece manga series chapter 1051 Reddit, everything about it you must know: This is the most popular manga series, and its popularity is increasing day by day. It was first released in July 1997 and it is maintaining its favorite position since then only. This is released and renowned now with more thrillers, characters, plots, art, and many more. And these things contribute more to its super increasing success. For more news follow

One-piece manga series chapter 1051 Reddit:-

One-piece manga series chapter 1051 Reddit:-

The main character of this series is named Monkey and the whole story revolves around him only. In this, a young boy eats a special devil’s fruit, and his life is changed. He gets rubber-kind properties. He is inspired by his boyhood hero of the series – Luffy, whose dream is to become a pirate king.

One-piece manga series – new chapter release date

This manga series is very famous in Japan and it has so many followers who can’t even wait till its release date. And when they come to know that it is about to release very soon. They became very excited. Now we are going to tell you about its release date. According to its studio, it will release on 6th June 2022. Its releasing time in all the countries will be different.

In Japan, it is going to release at 1 am, while in India it will release at 9.30 pm. On the other hand, in USA and Canada, it will release at 10 am, while in the UK- at 4 pm, and in Europe- the release time is 5 pm. Their release time is different because of their different time zone.

According to some sources, One-piece chapter 1051 is named or captioned as Shogun of WanoKozukiMomonosuke. And Momo continues his speech for the Wano people.

It’s all the fans are deadly waiting for it to release. And finally, it’s coming.


This is a Japanese manga series. This is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Its story is inspired by the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. In this, a boy’s body is converted into rubber after eating a special kind of fruit, called the devil’s fruit. His body takes all the properties of rubber.

This series has been praised by everyone and has become their favorite manga series. Its storyline, characterization, art, and humor are very eye-catching. This series has set a Guinness World Record for “the most copies published”. The same copy was published N number of times. It was run originally in1997 and its 102 volumes have been published to date.

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