OH MY GIRL Jiho: Leaving WM Entertainment. OH MY GIRL Disband

OH MY GIRL Jiho is leaving WM Entertainment — Other Members Renew Contracts: It is heard that “Oh my Girl” fame Jiho is also going to leave this group of WM Entertainment in May 2022. One member, Jiho already left it in 2017. And rest of the 6 members are renewing this group.

OH MY GIRL Disband:-

According to our sources, Jiho will leave this group after the finishing of her current contract. And she may now search for another new work or group to work with. WM Entertainment and Jiho help each other, as per our reports.

She wants to spread and broaden her work as a movie star and an artist. And she is very popular and many companies are approaching her for that. It is possible that she may join any of them.

It is said that, when she said this group, rest of 6 members are deciding to resume their contract again. This is also not clear, whether she will continue advertising with OMG (Oh My Girl). In the same way, Wheein and MAMAMOO left the RBW. But still, he participates in its activities. Though there is no official statement on this topic. Their first member, Jiho left them in 2017 because of her health issues.

They debuted their group in 2015, their teaser image became very famous. IN this image all 8 girls were standing in the same red dress. All shows became very famous. Everyone wants to see them again and again. On June 21st, they announced that they were working on an album. They worked back to back on 2 albums and both of them were very popular.

Oh My Girl:-

“Oh, my Girl” is a South Korean girl’s group. This group is formed by WM Entertainment. This girl’s group is composed of 6 members and their names are- Mimi, Hyojung, Seunghee, Yoon, Arin, and Yubin. Formally this group was 8 members big. But, Jiho left the group in 2017. She was suffering from some health issues. And now Jiho also leaving the group in May 2022. It was started in April 2015 with an eponymous extended play.

In this group, Hyojungis the leader, and lead vocal, Mimi is a rapper, Yoon is a Vocal, Seunghee is the lead vocal, and the remaining two members i.eYubin and Arin are also Vocal. Jine and Jiho were also vocals. They used to sing the song. They worked on Korean and Japanese albums.

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