Nude Video of Jesse Williams Leaked from Broadway Show “Take Me Out”

Nude Video of Jesse Williams Leaked from Broadway Show “Take Me Out”: A new video of Jesse Williams is getting viral. And there is a reason also behind it. His fans are breaking all the records on the internet due to that video only. Actually “Take me out” star Jesse Williams recorded and then leaked his full nude video on the internet.

He was performing these days on the second stage of the theatre’s Broadway show “Take Me Out”. In one scene of this show, he is getting nude and then takes shower.

Although it has a no-phone policy during the show. Still, one of the fans managed to record his full nude video and uploaded it on the internet. And this video got viral like a storm

No Phone Policy

This “Take me out” show has a no-phone policy. It means no one is allowed inside with a phone during the show. All of them have to put their phones outside the show only. They have fixed a place to keep all their fan’s and viewers’ phones.

Despite this very strict guideline, somehow, one of his fans managed to keep his phone with him only inside the show and recorded that very famous nude scene. And after coming out he uploaded it on the internet.

Although there is no news about the fan, who uploaded this video. Everyone came to know through the internet only. But yes there is one thing that his fans can’t get over with this video.

His Twitter fans also sending messages regarding this video. Jesse Williams is feeling very embarrassed by this viral video.

 Jesse Williams Wiki, Instagram, Age and more

His full name is Jesse Wesley Williams. Jesse is an American Actor, director, activist, and producer. He was born on 5th August 1980 in Chicago, US. He has appeared in many films including The cabin in the woods, The butler, Band-Aid, etc. These all became very popular. As being a very popular actor, he has so many fans, in fact there is a very big list of his fans.

He worked in many series also and gave his voice as well. These days he was working with the show “Take me out “ and one incident happened, in which one of his fans took his video and uploaded it on the Internet. And this news is getting viral like a storm since then it is uploaded.

  • Last month only, in an interview he confessed that he is not comfortable stripping down in front of his audience. And this all happened. He is in a very awkward situation now.


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