Normani has given a special thanks to ‘Beyonce and Jackson’.

Normani Thanks ‘Beyoncé and Janet Jackson’ for showcasing to Her a Woman with ‘Curves’ Can Be Successful

Normani (American singer and dancer) said,” Motivation is the only way to get tremendous success in life”. The 25-years-old singer wants her fans and audience tobe confident about their body postures. She always uses the stage to motivate them for doing whatever they want without thinking about their body.

The “Motivation singer” revealed that she had enormous hard work to earn fame in the music industry. But now she feels confident and enjoys a positive role model status at home and industry. After grabbing the success now I understand the concept of body confidence, body neutrality and self-love.

The famous personality spoke up the Yahoo!, “ My dad is the first man in the world who

I love and he always supports me or encourages me to make a good plan to survive life on my own”. The singer thanked her grandmother to keep her motivated to run in the race for success continuously.

Normani also revealed that her closeness to her family helped me to believe that “ I inherited the best features from them and I should proud of them. Nobody can demotivate me regarding my chocolate skin and body posture.

My family’s support helped me to appreciatemy skin colour tone and other features I got from them. And further, she stated, “ Now I can notice my mom’s thighs and I see my dad’s nose and I just really, really appreciate that”.

Normani was muddling up about her career in the music industry music as a black woman. She thanked women who had shown her the right path to success and given her motivation for self-love.

Normani has given a special thanks to Beyoncé and Jackson and told the yahoo! “ The women are the base of my life and career as a  singer and dancer, I lost hope to get success in the industry as I have the odd figure but they motivated me and taught me how I can love myself and how  I should be kind to myself to get love and supports from the world.

She declared to the media “Being a Black woman, just to be noticed or succeed, we have to do a lot more and work 10 times as hard.” I try to boost up my confidence whenever I want to feel low that thing I also want my fans and audience too.

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