Shocking News: The rapper, Niko Brenner loses half his skull after being blasted by an explosion

Shocking News: The rapper Niko Brenner loses half his skull after being blasted by an explosion: As  he cooked cannabis oil in butane gas and admits that he made a huge mistake. For more news follow

The rapper Niko Brenner loses half his skull after being blasted by an explosion:-

Niko Brenner loses half his skull

The rapper has lost half his skull due to the gas explosion. Later he admitted that he made a huge mistake and destroyed his life with his hand. Niko Brenner was cooking cannabis oil in butane gas and suddenly the bottle exploded through the spark that was produced through his fridge. Aftermath his whole body got fire and he jumped through the window of the basement studio in the hope to get relief.

Injuries to Niko Brenner:-

The musician got numerous injuries all over his body. The fire damaged his brain to a great extent. The rapper had been telling about his unfortunate situation since the explosion on February 6, 2017. ‘ Minimum 40 % of my skin has burned in this gas explosion. I had faced almost 50 surgeries and more”. People think the doctor has taken half portion of my brain but that is not the case, he told with a smile.

Niko Brenner Statement

Further, the rapper stated Dr Knarf had removed half part of my mind to reduce the pressure on my brain and that was necessary to offer me relief and speed recovery. The rapper also suffered four strokes and his body got paralysed on one side and making him dependent on the wheelchair and walking aid.

Niko Brenner loses half his skull

The incident changed my life completely and every day, I  felt guilty to make that mistake. I am not only one suffering the pain but my entire family facing the consequence of this brutal gas explosion. The rapper has a six-year-old boy and he said,” I felt hurt so much as now I will never climb the tree with my son. Very disappointed for me”.

Claims from Niko Brenner

Some specialists have claimed that to reconstruct my skull through the process of the implant but the issue is that there is not enough scalp due to the burn on my head. So, any kinda bone replacement is not possible. The doctors tried to fill the space by implanting the balloon filled with a saline solution but the experiment failed as I began facing severe pain and inflammation.

When the rapper experienced her face himself with the half of his skull and he said, “I got scared . I looked so strange.   I was terrified that my one-year-old son would not recognise me then what would happen and how I faced the situation’. He added, “ The worst part of this horrible explosion is that  I can’t walk without any help and I am unable to play guitar, keyboard and piano anymore”.

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