Nigerian Basketball team withdraws from International competitions:

Nigerian Basketball team withdraws from International competitions: It is heard that the Nigerian Basketball team doesn’t want to participate in international competitions and withdraws their name. On this decision of the Nigerian Basketball team, the President of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri is very upset.

Honorable President and Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka, both spoke in an interview on Sunday. Both of them are very upset with this decision of the Nigerian Government, and that too for two very tough decisions and that’s why the president and everybody are not at all agree with this decision.

From starting, this team is entertaining and motivated us and always score the number one position, and this shocking decision is not at all accepted. They are misleading the country as well as the public. They have to stop it. This is not the right decision, according to Ujiri.

If they are remaining stable on their decision, then there will be no choice except for removing it from the 12-team field for the women’s WC. This will be done later this year. Although this is a very tough decision for everyone, as well as for the Nigerian government.

They will replace this team with Mali. The men’s international team is trying to qualify for it for a long time, and this will be easier for them for the 2024 Olympics.

But, the Nigerian govt. is still trying that they change their decision as this is their best team. There are chances to win this team. As being the best team, it has a huge number of fan and followers and all of them wants to see them playing in Internationals and Olympics. As they believe they will win, their decision left them shocked. Internet and social media are full of comments asking why are you taking this big tough decision?

Let’s hope for the best and we also wish that this team must play and win.

 Nigeria women’s national basketball team

This team is also known as the D’Tigeress. This represents Nigeria in international women’s basketball competitions. Nigeria has the best women’s basketball team in the world.

This is counted as one of the best teams. And their decision of withdrawing their name from the international games left us in shocked status. Everyone is not happy with this.

This is the number one team and hence everyone wants to see them playing including the honorable president.

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