Navjot Sidhu- Sunil Jakhar will take the edge, Charanjit Singh has cut his throat from Channi; Preparations to form a new Congress in Punjab

Preparations to form a new  Congress in Punjab: Latest update about Navjot Sidhu, Sunil Jakhar & Charanjit Singh: The high command wants to form a new congress in Panjab after losing the election. This time the congress high command aims to shift the responsibility to the new shoulders in Punjab.   Former PCC chief Sunil Jakhar’s case is under Disciplinary action. The high command also declared that Sunil Jakharwill was not a part of the party in the future. Strict actions have been also taken against NavjotSidhu. The high command is against both of them and this time there will no leniency in their case. For more details follow

Congress in Punjab:-

Although Charanjit Singh is free from any kind of charges and actions,  however, the party also wants to keep a distance from him as he would not be able to win any of the two assembly seats. The declaration of high command proves that a new congress is going to form in Punjab.

New Rules of Congress Party:-

Now, the congress party is moving ahead with new rules and strategies but first, the high command wants to take strict action against those people who were responsible for this defeat in the election. As mentioned, the first accused is Sunil Jakhar. He has trapped Channi and stated against him. The high command declared that no responsibility has been given to him in the future. The interesting thing is that Sunil Jakhar has accepted this and wants to join BJP with the approach of PM Modi.

Navjot Sidhu is against the high command:-

On the other hand, Navjot Sidhu has put the party in so much trouble because of his rhetorical statements. The whole case is under the disciplinary committee and the action has to be taken by Thursday or Friday.  Navjot Sidhu is against the high command and tweeted 12 hours ago “ I am not going to bow down and I often listen in silence against myself”. With the statement, it is clear, that NavjotSidhu also plans to face these allegations.

The high command has ignored NavjotSidhu and made the Channi his head. Charanjit Singh was presenting the congress party as CM during the election. But Channi has brought defeat to the high command and drowned his Nayyar. He was not able to win even one of the two assembly seats. Now Channi is not under any kind of disciplinary action but no one from his family and friends will become a member of the new Punjab captain Amarinder Singh Raja Wadding. Charanjit Singh will also not be a part of the party. It means the high command will make his new team with new members of Punjab.








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