Naagin 6 Full Episode 25: 7th May 2022, Episode 5 Written Update

Naagin 6 Full Episode 25: 7th May 2022, Episode 5 Written Update: Hello we’re so we are here with another most surprising and exciting episode of Naagin 6. Bewafa tune guys the written episode update Naagin 6 Full Episode 25. In today’s episode, you all are gonna be see something which is so shocking for you Pratha has been teen giving her life away as she has to save a country so in tonight’s episode there will be a great challenge in front of Pratha and she has to be season so that she can save the lives of people.

Which serial is going on so well and there are so many challenges in front of the main lead Pratha the appreciating part of the serial Is that she has been making all the effort to keep herself challenged in front of Pratha and she is focusing on to save the life of the people of her country. Also, watch Naagin 6 Full Episode 24.

Naagin 6 today episode was written update:-

So as to the promo, we are also going to see that their brother has been found and that Rishab’s mother is still alive she used to get busy finding her mother. Get to know the location of Rishabs real mother.

Naagin 6 full episode today:-

Later she used to be her mother-in-law I can also say a stepmother of Rishabh, then she tell that there is a surprise and Seema had to be ready to have this surprise on her anniversary.

A stepmom of Rishabh gets upset listening to this from their brother and she started to plant something against her. An account of pitch tells some of her organs to add poison to a pond.


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Pratha gets to know that she has been planning someone with this poison so to save the life of that person Pratha goes to the point and she intakes all the poison mixed in it.

It also knows the truth about Rishabh’s real mother and she too starts it to be helped Pratha in this. So internet Office episode you guys are gonna see how Pratha will reveal the reality in front of Rishabh about his real mother and how she has been exposed to the face of his stepmother.

Episode 2 night is going to be super amazing to watch as their reason Revelation about the real face of Rishabh’s stepmother and how she will gonna react on this is going to be so interesting to watch so don’t forget to watch a complete episode on Colours TV.

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