Mysterious liver illness seen in kids in US, Europe. Symptoms of liver illness in the child, What are the main causes of liver damage in child? How do you know if your child has a liver problem?

Mysterious liver illness developing in the kids of USA & UK:-

UK health department started investigating the mysterious liver illness developed in the children. 74 cases of this mysterious illness started in the children living in the UK and USA. Still, the health department is worrying about the health condition of the kids.

Children are struggling with the issues of liver inflammation in their bodies. Other countries like Spain and Ireland face similar health issues in children. The nine cases of a similar illness were registered in Alabama, United States. The health department of the United Kingdom started its investigation procedure with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The children of the age group of 1 to 6 years need a liver transplant. WHO became aware of this health problem increasing in the children at the beginning of the month. Therefore, the health officials started with the laboratory testing of hepatitis A, B, C, and E viruses to find out the reason behind the liver problems coming in the children.

Still, five to six kids in the UK require an urgent liver transplant. It is necessary for their survival. There is an increase in the spread of adenovirus. The symptoms of the virus developing the children include common cold and fever.

It affects the liver in the body of the children. Do you want to know whether your child is struggling with the same liver problems or not? Then, keep a check on them regarding changes in their body.

Symptoms of liver illness in the child:-

The parents should note carefully the changes happening in their child’s body. Then, we will tell the symptoms of the liver illness.

  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Nausea
  • Blood in urine and stools
  • Changing the sleep patterns of your child
  • Grey colored stools

Causes behind the liver damage in the child:-

Many reasons cause damage to the liver of your child. It happens due to the following reasons:

  • Viral infections

Diseases such as hepatitis A, B, and E caused due to the viral infections happening in the body.

  • Weak immune system

Your child does not take a balanced diet. However, it affects the growth and development of the child, making the immune system weak.

  • Inherited health complications

Sometimes, the child’s liver becomes weak due to inherited health complications affecting their body. You can check your family’s medical history and consult the doctor regarding it to start the treatment.

  • Consumption of toxic things

It is advisable to take a balanced diet to start healthy. Consumption of toxic items can harm the body and affect liver functioning.

  • Cancer

The abnormal multiplication of cells in the body causes tumors and affects the liver. It can cause cancer to reach the last stage and becomes incurable.

How can you know that your child is suffering from liver problems?

You can check that your child’s body is becoming yellow. It shows that your child is suffering from liver problems. Don’t panic in this situation. You can consult the doctor to start the medical treatment immediately.


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