My Liberation Notes Episode 16 Reddit, Review and Recap: Kim Ji Won and Son Suk Ku’s series feels good but may not appeal to everyone:

My Liberation Notes Episode 16 Reddit, Review and Recap: Kim Ji Won and Son Suk Ku’s series feels good but may not appeal to everyone: The Kim Suk Yoon directorial series My Liberation Notes starring Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Koo and Lee El in lead roles has some excellent writing but the slow pace of the series may not appeal to everyone. To begin with, this is not the usual K drama with over-the-top drama. The director takes a realistic approach to characters and brings the best in them throughout the series. Different subjects are tackled sensitively and

My Liberation Notes Episode 16 Reddit, Review and Recap:-

My Liberation Notes Reddit Review and Recap

The basic plot revolves aro the story sounds more realistic due to this approach. For more news follow und three siblings who have some issues of their own. Lee El plays the eldest sibling who is into his forties but single and trying to find love. The second one Lee Min-Ki is trying to find success in their career and the youngest Kim Ji won is an introvert. While the father does not speak often, the mother ensures that the house is in order. The story gets interesting with the entry of Son Seok Koo who joins the father’s sinks business.

My Liberation Notes Reddit: Mi Jeong approaches Gu:- 


Mi Jeong approaches Gu with the hope of finding some company and asks him for mutual worship. Similarly, Chang-hee also develops an interest in Gu which helps to find some purpose in life. Ki Jeong is more adventurous as she decides to find love for winter so that she is not lonely. She finds love in Lee Ki woos who plays the role of a single father.

In this way, the story is written in a mature way and it is in fact a reflection of the current society where most people feel empty and lonely in life. When it comes to a career, most people struggle to deal with competition and politics, and finding a companion has become the most important priority for everyone.

The director does not hesitate to show the grey side of each character and this is the reason the series appears very realistic to the audience. The actors have done a fantastic job and it is difficult to pinpoint one big performance among the lot.

While everything seems alright, it is the pace of the series that hurts the most and most people may be tempted to skip a few scenes. Due to such constraints, some people may not enjoy the series. However, if you are into slow and realistic dramas with good performance, this one will not disappoint you for sure. The series is streaming on Netflix.

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