Monkeypox spreading fast. Should you be worried? 80 cases in a day

 Monkeypox spreading fast. Should you be worried? 80 cases in a day: Monkeypox cases are on the rise with 80 new cases being detected in a day across Europe. Many other countries around the world are also reporting new cases on a daily basis. This has sparked a lot of concerns among the public about the new virus. Let us try to understand the complete details about this virus in this article monkeypox. For more details follow

Monkeypox is a rare disease:-


Monkeypox is a rare disease and it is usually found in some regions of central and west Africa. However, new cases are being reported in Europe, the US, and other regions in recent weeks. Interestingly, the recent cases do not have any known contact who had this disease and they have no history of travel to such countries. According to reports, 80 new cases were detected yesterday and this has many people worried.

What is monkeypox?

To explain this in a simple manner, it can be considered similar to smallpox and the chances of infection are very low when compared to smallpox. Even the severity of the disease is also very less and it usually lasts for about two to three weeks. Most people recover completely within a month and it is not deadly. In this regard, there is no need to worry too much about the disease.

Symptoms of monkeypox


Some of the common symptoms of monkey pox include fever, pain in the muscles, and headache. After the fever subsides, most people develop rashes which usually begin on the face and spreads to other parts of the body similar to smallpox. Rashes are usually very painful and cause a lot of itch. They dry on their own and fall off within a month. The main drawback is that it can cause scarring.

Monkeypox virus outbreak

Monkeypox can spread from direct contact with an infected person. It can enter the body through broken skin or through the respiratory tract or through the eyes, nose, and mouth. In this case, scientists may also consider this a sexually transmitted infection. You should also be careful about contact with infected animals as they can also spread the infection. It can also spread through clothes used by an infected person

Monkeypox disease is not new to us and it was first identified in 1970. Apart from that, it was also seen in 2003 in the US and later in 2017. After that, it is making news now in 2022 across the world. Surprisingly, most of the infected people are men and they are young.


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