Momo Twice: Netizens express anger over a female reporter who s*xualized TWICE’s Momo in her article headline

Momo Twice: Netizens express anger over a female reporter who s*xualized TWICE’s Momo in her article headline: The competition in the media sector has increased a lot in recent years and people are more interested in online news rather than conventional newspapers or TV channels. As it is easy to get the latest news in the fastest possible time through online portals, people are not too keen on old platforms like newspapers. This has forced some reporters to use cheap techniques to grab more eyeballs for their content. For more breaking news follow

Momo Twice: overly s*xualized:-

In one such incident, a female reporter overly sexualized the K-pop idol and got into the wrong books of netizens. The reporter in question works for SpoTV News and the article was titled “Shockingly revealing Momo, The angle is dangerously close.. An active girl group idol is boldly revealing”. The article was published on the 15th of May and it was paying unwanted attention to the costume of Momo in an unhealthy manner.

The article was meant to praise Momo Twice:-


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Even though the article was meant to praise Momo for her looks and excellent body, it paid a

lot of attention to her dress and the headline mentioned that Momo revealed too much in the photos. On the other hand, there was nothing vulgar or obscene about the photos and it was just a normal one according to any standards.

Netizens and fans were quick to react to an article on Momo Twice:-

D they slammed the reporter online for overly sexualizing the Kpop idol through misleading headlines. Many netizens even said that such reporting amounted to sexual harassment. Most people who expressed their anger toward the reporter were of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with the dress and the reporter had a dirty mind.

The article made things even worse for Momo Twice:-

Momo Twice


What made things even worse for the channel is that the reporter happened to be a woman and it was unacceptable for netizens that a woman could post such disgusting headlines about a pop idol. If the outfit was actually revealing too much or if the photo was presented in an obscene manner, such headlines would have made sense. However, Momo was seen in a normal outfit and the headlines were completely misleading and hurting the sentiments of fans.

Misleading headlines about Momo Twice:-

Such reports have become common in digital media as the competition to grab eyeballs is at its highest in recent years. This has pushed some reporters to lose their ethics in order to get millions of views within a short duration of time by having misleading headlines. Netizens were of course quick to condemn such reports in this case.

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