The Miz and Maryse Mizanin will see together in the WWE project and season 3 of “Miz & Mrs”

The Miz and Maryse Mizanin will see together in the WWE project and season 3 of “Miz & Mrs”: In their latest interview with the media, Mike The Miz and Maryse Mizanin have given updates about their latest projects including the one with WWE that is running for a few years. The couple is now busy with the launch of season 3 of Miz and Mrs which is all set to be aired on the USA Network on Monday, June 6th. For more news follow

The Miz and Maryse Mizanin update about the WWE project and season 3 of “Miz & Mrs”

They were obviously excited about the show reaching the third season. Fans will get to watch the couple work on different projects while raising their two daughters during the show. The couple is also working on an important project with WWE and it is set to be launched next year according to sources.

Both Miz and Maryse Mizanin seem dancing:-

Apart from that, they also have their hands full with the Dancing with the Stars project. The new season of DWTS will feature the behind-the-scenes videos and this will make it more interesting for the fans as they get to watch the unseen details about the show. It will give fans the idea of what goes through the mind of the stars when they participate in the show.

Miz and Maryse Mizanin Statements:-

Miz and Maryse Mizanin

The Miz says that most people only get to see the final output which is a lot of glamour but there is a lot of hard work and stress behind the show. Most fans have no idea that these stars prepare for many hours every day in order to put up a performance for a few minutes. The show also includes DWTS training videos and stars can be seen practicing for hours at a stretch.

Maryse says that the WWE star is not afraid to face the audience in the WWE tournaments but it was a different feel in the dance show. He was nervous and this is something that fans can never imagine about the star. However, he is able to put everything behind him as soon as he hits the stage and the music gets rolling. He added that the adrenaline rush is the same whether it is WWE or a dance show when you have a huge audience.

The couple also spoke about their project with WWE studios and it is likely to come up in the early part of 2023. They also mentioned that they have many other projects which are still in the early stages of discussion and they cannot disclose further at this stage. As of now, season 3 of Miz and Mrs will keep them busy for a few months.

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