Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Star Austin St. John and 17 more got arrested in a wire fraud

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Star Austin St. John and 17 more got arrested in a wire fraud: Star Austin St. John and 17 others are called to appear before a federal magistrate judge, as the department of justice has declared 18 people named in a federal indictment under the charges of committing wire fraud in the Eastern District ofTexas. St. John ( real name is Jason Lawrence Geiger) has a huge fan base as he is one of the most stunning performers on the television show. This is shocking news for the television world as their star is suspected to be involved in financial fraud. However, the crime has not been proven yet and the government is investigating the matter. If the crime has proved then all may be face 20 years in jail.

Jason Lawrence Geiger suspects to be a part of a scheme to defraud lenders and the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. Michael Hill recruited others to ahead the process with the existing business and to create businesses that are applying PPF. Moran has been appointed for the paperwork, documentation work, and application through an online portal. On the application form, they mispresented the information of their business as the true nature of their business, payrolls, number of employees, and so on.

Austin St. John

On the behalf of the mispresented information, the financial institution has approved them for the loan process and the defendants got loans once they received the loan, they don’t spend any money on the employees’ wages, health benefits, and other expenses employee. Instead, they transferred the whole amount to the personal account and use it for personal purchasing. They all are accused of the $3.5 million business creation fraud.

The list of names that are involved in the fraud case:-

  1. Michael Lewayne Hill, a/k/a Tank, 47, of Mineral Wells
  2. Andrew Charles Moran, 43of Mineral Wells
  3. Peter Keovongphet, a/k/a Lil’ Pete, 34, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  4. Ty Alan Burkhart, 34, of Frisco
  5. Jason Lawrence Geiger, a/k/a Austin St. John a/k/a the Red Power Ranger, 47, of McKinney
  6. Eric Reed Marascio, a/k/a Phoenix Marcon, 50, of Allen
  7. Christopher Lee McElfresh, 43, of Frisco
  8. Cord Dean Newman, 44, of Homosassa, FL
  9. Elmer Omar Ayala, 45, of Midlothian
  10. Gregory Fitzgerald Hatley, Jr., 38, of Allen
  11. Alexander Eric Cortesano, 52, of Dallas
  12. Arthur AtikPongtaratik, 33, of Carrollton
  13. Miles Justin Urias, 34, of Richardson
  14. Fabian C. Hernandez, 44, of Lake Alfred, FL
  15. Daniel Lee Warren, 3
  16. RajaaBensellam, 49, of Allen
  17. Hadi Mohammed Taffal, 50, of Allen
  18. Jonathon James Spencer, a/k/a Spence, 33, of Rowlett

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