Met gala 2022: New York Updates

Met gala 2022: New York Updates:

Who doesn’t know about the world-famous fashion night, the Met Gala night, Hollywood actresses, and many other celebrities unveiling their several outfits in front of us? And this Biggest Fashion night started in New York. In the lavish parade, all big celebrities from the music world, Films, fashion, and sports showcased their stuff in the Met gala show. This show had to behold in the 2020 autumn, but due to this pandemic coronavirus, it was canceled, and now finally it is happening.

We know about the Met Gala show; this is called Biggest Fashion night. For this, a theme has to be set and everyone comes dressed up according to that theme only. The theme for the year 2022 is Gilded glamour. Many people didn’t like this theme and they are poking fun at this theme.

One of the Met Gala attendees, dressed up like a chic laborer reminds us of an homage to the immigrant workers. Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also reached there as a guest. She was attending this show for the first time in these 20 years.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and most popular comedian Pete Davidson came together in that show yesterday night. Star couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively reached together and they were looking simply amazing together.

Designer Donatella and singer Cardi B were found together wearing golden outfits yesterday night. Model Emily was looking very colorful in her beautiful colorful outfit. Indian socialite and business personality Ms. Natash. a Poonawalla was looking amazing on the red carpet in her golden outfit.

The Cost of tickets is appx $35000 and the cost of tables is $300,00iser attendee.


The exhibition 2022

Met Gala for this year, 2022, is going to be hosted by 4 hosts, their names are- Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Lin-Manuel. Every year, the Met Gala is organized by Vogue haute couture, it’s a very popular magazine.

The exhibition always follows a specific theme every year, and its guests are supposed to dress up according to that dress code only, but it is not compulsory. This show includes a cocktail party and is followed by dinner. And during this cocktail time, all the attendees are supposed to run on the red carpet. Every attendee starts preparation for this, as soon as they come to know about its theme and everything. They all are always very excited to attend this with pump and show.





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