Megan Fox Writes a Sweet Birthday Message to Fiance Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox Writes a Sweet Birthday Message to Fiance Machine Gun Kelly: Megan and Kelly are the most talked about couple, who often portray their admiration for each other on social media. Megan Fox is an American actress who has been part of various film franchises and magazines like Rolling Stone and the Transformers franchise. Machine Gun Kelly’s real name is Colson Baker. He is an American rapper, singer, and actor. He has released various mixtapes and is famous for his beautiful combination of hip hop and contemporary. The duo met for the first time on the sets of the thriller, “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” From there, they started to spend a lot of time together in 2020.

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On Kelly’s Machine Gun’s 32nd birthday, Megan took to Instagram to express her feelings for MGK. She is MGK’s fiance and she expresses her love for him most beautifully. She shares a photo where she is hanging on the back of MGK. The photo is quite adorable and describes the bond between them. The audience loves the picture, and they are going crazy about their bond. Megan tries to make MGK’s birthday special by writing to him. Although we don’t know what other preparations she might have made for him, all we know is about the social media post she made by calling Kelly, the love of her life.

Megan’s write-up for Kelly

In the Instagram post, she starts with a cute incident, which Kelly’s mother told Megan. She shares that Kelly was cuddly and fussy as a baby, and there is no other appropriate description of Kelly than this. Later, Megan also shares that Kelly was born a month early and is truly a Gemini. She also jokes about making a shirt for Kelly which has a print of Fussy and Cuddly both on the shirt. Then, after she writes a paragraph on the beautiful side of Kelly, She praises Kelly and writes that he is a lovely man, and the world has no idea of the beauty that is hidden inside Kelly. He is a kind-hearted man. He has all the qualities one desires. She shares that she has never met such a generous man in her life. She is in admiration of the wittiness and smartness Kelly possesses. As a birthday gift, she wants to give the world the ability to see how lovely Kelly is. She wants to unveil the cover to the eyes of the world so that the world gets to witness the uniqueness of MGK.


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