May 9 2022 Election Holiday Philippines: Elections day: Promos, discounts for voters

Elections day: Promos, discounts for voters: There is an election day on 9th May 2022 in the Philippines. And everyone is offering discounts for voters. Many food brands and beverage brands are offering discounts for voters on this day. Millions of voters are going to vote on this day. They all are voting to decide their next govt. on Monday. For More Updates Follow

For your information, we are telling you that on Monday the Philippines is having elections for the next Govt. officials for the National and local positions. Foods and beverage brands are offering discounts on them, and by these discounts, voters are encouraged to use their right of voting.

Now we are going to show you the list of some food and beverages companies or the brands, that are offering incentives like discounts and promos after their voting is done.

Starbucks Philippines

This is treating all its customers, who are voters, with a bigger size in all products. But it is applicable only to those customers, who show their inked finger, which indicates that they have given their vote.

Serenitea Philippines

This is one of the most popular tea shops in the Philippines. If Its customers show their inked fingers, it offers them a 20 percent discount on all beverages. They just have to show their inked finger proof to avail of this discount or offer. Serenitea also announced that on this day, some of its branches will open at 12 noon also.

The yogost Philippines

This is a very popular yogurt brand in the Philippines. They are offering a 22P off on their all-store shopping, again they have to show their inked finger to avail of this offer. This discount or promo is from 9th May 2022 to 15th May 2022. They are offering many offers and discounts too, and these are mentioned on their official Facebook page.

Super Bowl of China

This is a very famous Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. It has many branches in Metro Manila. It is offering a 10 percent discount for all the voters on showing their inked fingers.

There are some rules to avail its offers. These are as follows-

  1. Show your inked finger.
  2. This discount is valid for dine-in only and no minimum bill of purchasing is required for this.
  3. And one more discount will be applicable if you are a senior citizen.

Some local shops are also offering discounts for all the voters.

Confidential Café in Malinao, Aklan also offers a 10 percent discount on all products on showing their inked finger.

And in the same way, Miranda also offers a 10 percent discount on all products on showing their inked finger.











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