After 358 days Kyle Lewis returns Mariners lineup as a designated hitter

After 358 days Kyle Lewis returns Mariners lineup as a designated hitter:  It is big news for the fans as for the first time in almost one year Kyle Lewis as a  designated hitter in the Mariners’ starting lineup on Tuesday against the A’s. After facing the long road of recovery the player has put his feet in the -Mobile Park making the fans and followers happy to see him again on the field.

Levis, who experienced a major injury in his knee and critical surgeries to come back again in the field, seemed excited while speaking in public after almost one year. He stated,” I am so happy to live my passion again,  it is just a perspective shift for me. I tried to embrace the journey and enjoy my tough time but returning to the field is pretty cool for me”.

He played last time on May 31 at T-Mobile Park also against the A’s. He fell to make a difficult leap on the field and got a serious injury to his right knee. It was a painful moment for the team and the player himself.  He has torn meniscus in his right knee and went for surgery on June 11. The team hoped that he would come back in the late season of the match but he was shut down for the season as he suffered complications while running and sliding during a rehab session.

The player made a statement in the favour of the team that we are trying to do efforts for helping the team and  I am focussing on my treatment to get well soon to return to fight back for the team. He also talked to his team to help them in any way to make the team win. He showed his pain for not playing for the team but whenever  I will play surely make wonders on the field”. The player got a knee injury the second time in the 2021 season.

The player has taken lots of training to build up strength in his knee to come back soon to the team.  He stayed in Arizona and engaged in the multiple workouts to make him perfect to playback in the team. on another side, he thought that the season of 2022  will go on without him. He completed 20 days of training in the rehab session successfully on Sunday.

When Lewis came to know on  Tuesday morning, that he will play for the season 2022, it was a stunning and emotional moment for him as his wish came true. He seemed excited for playing for the team again.

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