Man found dead in Morristown, Suspect taken into custody

 Man found dead in Morristown, Suspect taken into custody: Latest reports indicate that a man was found dead in a residence at Morristown. The police have taken a suspect into custody as he was found near the spot. The incident occured on Tuesday morning according to police sources.

According to official reports from police authorities, the department got a call regarding disturbance on the 100 block of Second street SE in Morristown. The call was made around 12.41 am and it was handled by the Deputies according to the press statement issued by Rice County Sheriff’s Office.

A man at the residence was badly injured according to the call and Deputies immediately responded to the call and went to the location. When they reached the house, they found a man aged about 41 years dead. The immediate cause of death is not known and authorities have not mentioned anything in this regard as the investigation is still in progress. Interestingly, another man who was at the location was taken into custody.

The authorities are yet to confirm the role of the other person in the death of the 41 year old person. As of now, they are only having suspicion about the involvement and further investigation will give more clarity about the case. The news release states that the investigation is still in active stage and there is no threat to the public at this time.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is at the scene and handling the investigation at this point. According to the news release issued by authorities, the identity of the victim is not yet known at this point and they only have mentioned that he was aged around 41 years. Similarly, the identity of the suspect is also not established at this stage.

According to sources, the Rice County Jail roster mentioned that a Cody Kolstad was arrested on possible charges of murder. However, the murder was not premeditative according to reports and it may have involved a firearm. Further details will be available shortly after the detailed report is given by the investigating team which are handling the scene.

The Deputies who reached the scene took the suspect into custody and then began their investigation. They have however confirmed that no other person was involved in the incident and there was only one victim. They have further ruled out any threat to the public at this stage in the locality.

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