Madonna N*de NFTs: She Gives Birth to Trees and Butterflies in Fully N*de NFTs to Offer Help to Needed Mothers and Children

Madonna N*de NFTs: She Gives Birth to Trees and Butterflies in Fully N*de NFTs to Offer Help to Needed Mothers and Children: Hey, what are you thinking right now? Can it possible?  The Queen of Pop, Madonna has made it possible to showcase the production of creativity. The musician used to surprise the people by doing unique things but this time she managed to do something out of her mind to make people shooketh. For more breaking updates follow

Madonna N*de NFT Mother of Creation:-

The trilogy of animated videos, titled The “Mother of Creation” is a consequence of the efforts of musician Madonna and digital artist Beeple.  The video features Madonna giving birth to blooming trees, butterflies, and other insects from a real, 3D model of her vagina.

Madonna has made the people notice a connection between the ways people create a new life and the ways people create art through her fully n*de NFTs. She wants to give a beautiful message to the people about the creation of art through the video.  Further, she stated,”  I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity.  Both have to suffer the same pain that should be noticed through the people”.

The first part of the NFTs, titled,” “Mother of Nature”, features the musician sitting in a proper position on the table and giving birth to the tree,  the tree may break or bend but she continuously pushed against gravity to make the tree bloom.

The second part under the title, “Mother of Evolution” depicts the  Queen of pop sitting on the trunk and giving a birth lot of butterflies.  Swarms of butterflies are flying from her vagina. No matter what’s going on in the world but insects still live and continuously increasing in numbers. In that part, the team wants to convey a message-  If you are waiting for the world to be perfect to understand your art of creation, then sorry, you are wrong here, it would never happen. You should make your place in this unpredictable world through the creation of your art.

In the last part of the NFTs, Madonna is lying in the forest and synthetic centipedes crawling out from the 3D model of her vagina.  There is also a hidden message – the science can give birth to light in the entire world but the direction should be correct.

The Madonna’s Fully N*de  3 three minutes NFTs are available for auction now and proceeds will go to “ The Voice Of Children Foundation”. It will be a great help for women and children affected by the war in Ukraine. Also, Check madonna’s new song 2022.


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