Laura Whitmore meets contestants in the villa for new series of Love Island 2022

Laura Whitmore meets contestants in the villa for new series of Love Island 2022: As the new series of Love Island 2022 begins tonight on June 6th, Laura Whitmore met all the girls in the villa. The show is set to be aired on ITV2 at 9pm. Interestingly, Laura is back as the host and the makers have released the glimpse of the first meeting between Laura and the girls.

Some of the popular contestants include Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma Owen and paramedic Paige Thorne. Apart from them, many singletons have joined the show to find love.

Laura was seen in a red waistcoat without sleeves along with matching shorts and she looked radiant. The interesting thing about the new series is that the contestants have no control over choosing their initial partners. The contestants looked extremely glamorous in exotic bikinis and they were all relaxed as it was the first episode of the show.

The teaser which was released before showed paramedic Paige sitting in the ambulance in her uniform and later changing into a bikini for the show entry. Another contestant Luna Bish is a fishmonger and the teaser showed glimpse of her everyday work. Other contestants like Pharmaceutical salesman Ikenna Ekwonna and hotel waitress Idiyah Polack were also seen in the teaser.

Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma was seen on a horse and winked for the camera while setting her hair. The lineup also includes microbiologist Dami Hope, real estate agent Andrew Le Page, nanny Amber Beckford and masters student Liam Llewellyn.

Davide Sanchlimenti is supposed to be the hot favourite in the beginning of the series and it would be interesting to see how other contestants are going to compete with him in the future. The girls were impressed with him and most of them expressed to meet him during the show. He seems to have got the right launch into the series and he can set some hearts on fire for sure.

The previous series was a huge hit and many of the contestants went on to become big celebrities as they got offers in other shows. Due to this popularity, contestants are eager to get the best out of this show as it can establish their career in the entertainment industry. The show will get more interesting as it moves forward and fans are eager to know which contestants will stay for a longer period and go on to win the show.

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