Lizzo Confirms Her Relationship with a Mystery Man, Says He is Not Bothered of Her Fame

Lizzo Confirms Her Relationship with a Mystery Man, Says He is Not Bothered to Her Fame: Lizzo is not at all shy when it comes to flirting with celebrities. However, she has been tight-lipped about her dating. Lizzo confirms that she has a new man in her life. On Monday’s episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, the 33-year-old rapper and singer confirmed that she still dates the masked mystery gentleman whom the media on valentine’s Day spotted with her at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Is it a Rumors That Lizzo is Dating?

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, many spotted the “Truth Hurts!” singer holding hands with a “Mystery Man” outside Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles. Looking at her cute red attire, and the fact that the apparent date took place on Valentine’s Day, fans speculated the masked man be Lizzo’s new partner.

When Cohen inquired if the dating was difficult being a superstar, Lizzo replied the question calmly. She replied that dating becomes easy when someone is dating the right person. The only thing that one should look for is if your partner is supportive in any given circumstances. Besides, according to Lizzo, her man came to support her on the Saturday Night’s Live Hosting on April 16.

During an interview conducted in February, Lizzo replied that she is a “little bit” in love. However, when asked by the outlet if she was dating someone, she denied replying to the question.

Before Valentine’s Day, fans have seen Lizzo with her man at Crustacean Beverly Hills in October 2021. Although the famous rapper and singer love to keep her romance private, she enjoys her life in the limelight.

Irrespective if it is for the record, Lizzo is no longer single and has no bearing on her philosophy of love. On Valentine’s night, she posted on her Instagram profile reminding her followers to redefine love. She asked her followers what love meant to them.

What Lizzo Says About Her Love?

She explained that her love is compassion for others, having a conversation with her closest friends over the phone, cherishing the night, looking at herself in the mirror, and dancing with joy. Undoubtedly, love is a precious element, and Lizzo compares love with gold, which needs to be unbreakable and unconditioned. She asks all her fans to redefine how they look and feel when in love.

Lizzo has always been prompt about self-love over romantic love. She once said that even if she is not in a relationship, she loves being free. She sees several people love to be in a relationship for being loved. However, when it comes to romancing, Lizzo’s attraction is not only limited to men.

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