Liz Truss Latest News: EU Threatens Trade War After Liz Truss Unveils Plans To Rip Up Northern Ireland Protocol

Liz Truss Latest News: EU Threatens Trade War After Liz Truss Unveils Plans To Rip Up Northern Ireland Protocol: EU has announced the prospect of a trade war against the UK after Liz Truss has revealed the plan of the UK government to rip up the Northern Ireland protocol and peace. A trade war is about the punishing tariffs that are being imposed on the British goods being sold to the EU. It is harming the business of UK and also be a reason of high prices in the shop. For more worldwide news follow

AS per Liz Truss Latest News, Maros Sefcovic threatened:-

EU vice-president Maros Sefcovic threatened that the union would strongly respond will all measures at its disposal if the UK government try to break any kinda protocol. Liz Truss also explained to MPs they should prepare for the announcement of the laws as the EU wants to renegotiate the protocol as may be in the future, and some protocols are refused to be implied. Further, she stated that we have lots of issues with the protocol that are not operated as per the deal and it was causing many real problems in Northern Ireland today.

Liz Truss Latest News:-

The legislation needs to form the structure of fines on the firms who are involved in the smuggling into the single market by the back door. The government should work seriously on the mentioned fact for the better condition of Northern Ireland. At the end of the discussion, it is decided Chancellor Rishi Sunak Rishi Sunak will get unrestricted power to set the various tax rates in the province.

The Foreign Secretary announced that the protocol that is decided as per the Brexit deal, was placing the Good Friday Agreement ‘under strain’ and also declared that the government’s “first duty”  had to be to protect the peace process.

Boris Johnson has pressured the thing that we wanted a negotiated settlement with Brussels. We don’t want any trade disputes and common we can fix it moreover we are willing to work with our EU partner so common let’s do it.

Statement by Liz Truss Latest News:-

Liz Truss Latest News

Liz Truss said,” I was open to dealing and I talked with Brussels for at least 18 months about the issues we were facing but unfortunately we failed to find out the solution to the problem. She also stated that MPs, we need to bring the new legislation to rectify our previous loss.

Simon Coveney (Ireland’s foreign affairs minister) made the statement, unilateral action from the UK is the reason of shaking trust on them”. As per the government sources, the new legislation would be in action till the next month.

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