Live updates from the Loudspeaker Row: Maharashtra’s situation stays calm; ‘135 of 1,140 mosques utilised loudspeakers before 6 a.m.’

Raj Thackeray To Be Arrested? FIR Filed Against MNS Chief In Aurangabad: Raj Thackeray, one of the biggest names in politics and nephew of Bal Thackrey, has been arrested for violating the laws set in the rally. There were 16 laws set by the police in the rally and 12 were broken by Raj Thackeray. It was clearly communicated to Raj Thackeray that these laws shouldn’t be broken, but taking advantage of his power and position, he passed some controversial and provocative statements. He couldn’t restrain himself from using such statements which may cause havoc and disturbances in the lives of people and therefore an FIR had been registered in Aurangabad at City Chowk.

The arrest of Mr. Thackeray

Raj Thackeray has also known for passing statements that are controversial and provoking in nature, earlier also he was registered under section 109 of IPC, for passing disturbing statements, while talking about the Aurangabad case, he along with the organizers of the event are registered for FIR, and a non-bailable case had been filed against them, which will definitely harm image of Raj Thackeray. The FIR was registered on 6 April and Raj Thackeray has been called to court for further judgment by a judicial magistrate, he will be arrested for breaking laws and no bail will be granted.

A review meeting has been arranged by Rajneesh Sheth with the home minister,  Dilip Wasle Patil for the discussion of law and order enforcement and taking stringent actions against all those who take law lightly and try to play with the rules set. They are absolutely serious about the implementation of laws by each and every individual and severe punishment is liable to all those who take the law in their hand.

While the higher authorities like the director-general are questioned about the behavior of Mr. Thackeray in the meeting in Aurangabad, his answer was that police will take the necessary action against him. He has violated the law and so the proceedings of arrest and punishment will be liable to him and bail won’t be guaranteed for taking laws lightly.

Protest By MNS workers

However, the MNS workers are protesting against the arrest of Mr. Thackeray on stage in Shirala, on grounds of local youth jobs. These workers are in support of Thackeray and they want Mr. Thackeray to be free from judicial proceedings. They claim that according to rules set by the government, all the cases before 2012, should be taken down and there the case against Mr. Thackeray becomes invalid.

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