Who is Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend? Here’s to know everything about Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend

Who is Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend? Here’s to know everything about Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend: B6IX recently held a fan meet tour in Seoul titled “AB NEW AREA” during which the four-member boy group will be meeting fans in different locations. After this, they are likely to tour Japan and the US in the next few months. For more news follow onbreakingnews.com

Who is Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend? 

AB6IX met their fans and spent some exciting time with them. They also gave some wonderful performances to the audience and fans were thrilled to be part of the event. It was indeed a memorable event for the fans and they could not have asked for more from their Kpop icons. However, netizens managed to get something more than what the band wanted to show the audience.

Donghyun of the AB6IX team was allegedly spotted with a girl:-

As everyone left the show, Donghyun of the AB6IX team was allegedly spotted with a girl. The photos were taken by a fan and it was posted on social media. The post soon went viral with speculations about the girl being Donghyun’s girlfriend. The star has so far not commented anything on the matter.

Twitter reaction to Kim Dong Hyun Girlfriend:-


The Twitter user “lily_is_mine” posted a photo of a man and a woman who was talking about something on the roadside. Interestingly, the photo was taken from behind and the face of the Kpop star was not clearly visible. However, fans could make out it was the AB6IX star as they had seen him wear the same T-shirt for the fan meet. Interestingly, the user has deleted the post on Twitter and explained what he saw but confirmed that it was Donghyun with a girl.

Social Media Reactions:-

However, the post had already gone viral and the photo is now trending on many social media platforms with fans guessing it was the Kim Dong Hyun girlfriend. Another user on social media posted the photo of Donghyun in the same shirt and compared it with the viral post. Fans are excited to know more about the girl and a lot of discussions are happening on social media about the incident. Many fans are eager to see the photos online and search for the pop star’s girlfriend.

The year has been very good for the team as they released the “Complete With You” album in January. After that, they also released the mini-album titled “A to B” which got a good response from fans and critics. They are now having a fan meet tour in Seoul and their next tour will happen in Japan. The team has millions of fans and it is not possible for them to get some private space during public events.

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