Kayla McBride Lynx: Game-Winner & Drops 24 Points vs. Los Angeles Sparks | May 17, 2022

Kayla McBride Lynx: Game-Winner & Drops 24 Points vs. Los Angeles Sparks | May 17, 2022: The Lynx is struggling in this season’s WNBA tournament as they are the only team to not score a win this season so far. The team has already gone 0-4 in the tournament and hopes are soon fading for the fans of Lynx. However, much to everyone’s relief, key player Kayla McBride has joined the team now and this has boosted their spirits. This was a much-needed entry for the team that is struggling to find its place in the tournament.  For the latest news follow onbreakingnews.com

Return of Kayla McBride Lynx:- 

Kayle McBride Lynx `

Interestingly, Kayla is just back from the Turkish league and has won the title over the weekend. She is in amazing form and has been activated to join the Lynx team in Los Angeles. The official announcement in this regard has come from the Lynx spokesperson on Monday and fans are thrilled to watch the next game. The Lynx is all set to clash with Sparks on Tuesday and Kayla’s sudden entry has surprised many players in the tournament.

Kayla McBride Lynx Video:- 

Kayla McBride Lynx averaged 13.7 points:- 

During the last season, Kayla averaged 13.7 points and even her rebounds were very good at 3.6. Her shooting accuracy was 38 percent on three-pointers in the previous season. Even the last year, Minnesota’s season opener saw a similar situation and Kayle joined the team at the last minute to help the team. It was certainly a performance to remember for the whole team as she managed to score 17 points and went with nearly 6 rebounds in her very first game. This shows the talent of this young player and the team management certainly believes in her potential to win difficult matches.

McBride Lynx Struggled:- 

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Even when Lynx was struggling in this current season, McBride has been supporting the team through her tweets as she was away in Turkey. Experts hope that she will be able to bring some excitement into the tournament, especially for the struggling Minnesota Lynx. The team has not won even a single match this season and lost all the 4 matches it has played so far. The next one is scheduled on Tuesday with Sparks and it will be interesting to see the performance of Kayle McBride who seems to be in good form.

Fans are very excited about Kayla’s entry as she did not even care about jetlag and immediately took up the challenge to help her struggling team. They hope that she will be able to repeat the magic of the previous year in this season.

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