Katie Price facing three months in a wheelchair

Katie Price facing three months in a wheelchair

Katie Price, 43-years-old, is in acute pain and has to spend three months in a wheelchair only as she is undergoing urgent surgery on her feet. She had a serious accident in 2020 causing her to break both her feet. At that time, she was on holiday in Turkey and still she is suffering from the incident.

She is a former glamour model and her feet were not healed properly and she has now been warned that it is important that she takes the recovery seriously this time.

‘Katie is in constant pain – and they haven’t healed properly and doctors have told her she might face operation too, an insider told. They further continued: ‘This time she’ll have to take her recovering really seriously and have to take care of her feet for three months, by using a wheelchair, and not wearing high heels.’ She is the mum-of-five years old kid. Katie has a huge fan following because of her profession. And due to this terrific accident they we very sad.


The accident

She misjudged a drop and fell 25ft while abroad causing her to serious fracture her feet. At the time her both legs were smashed, broken badly. She said in her interview, “’It’s bad, life changing injuries I’ve done, so doctors are just going to do their best.”

She continued further in that interview, “It was just a small wall which had flowers on top and I thought that it was the same height at the other side also, but it was a 25ft drop.”

She landed on her feet and got them broken. After looking at her legs, doctors said that she was lucky as she was alive.


Earlier this week, she informed that she was finally getting somewhere with her feet after visiting the doctors. She told her social media fans that she is going out on her feet after months of investigations and pain. Her fans are very happy to her after a long time on her on feet.


She shared a video with her appx 2.7million fans. She is excited to go out after appx 2 years of that accident. She said this accident has affected her a lot, physically and mentally too.

Recently she had injections in her feet to help relieve pain. Fingers crossed this works and will help her to be more mobile. She ended her post by thanking ‘all the doctors and nurses who have helped her during this difficult time. We also wish her legs get well soon.


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