Kajal Aggarwal-Gautam Kitchlu is blessed with ‘a charming boy’, confirms Sister Nisha Aggarwal!

 A piece of big news for the fans:-Kajal Aggarwal-Gautam Kitchlu is blessed with ‘a charming boy’, confirms Sister Nisha Aggarwal: Tuesday morning is the golden moment for the Kajal Aggarwal-Gautam Kitchlu as they are blessed with a baby boy and feel on cloud nine to experience parenthood. Kajal’s sister Nisha Aggarwal confirms this good news by creating curiosity among the fans as it is the happiest day for her and she has something special for you guys. However, the couple will officially announce the breaking news later.

The couple got married in 2020. They announced on Instagram their pregnancy earlier this year. Both mother and baby are doing well. The couple is enjoying the happiest moment of their life.

Kajal Aggarwal

 Last week, Kajal shared an emotional and loving post to thank his husband, Gautam.

 I am very happy to have a partner like you. You will be a perfect father. Last eight months, you gave me lots of love, care, and concern. Most importantly, you gave emotional support to enjoy the pregnancy at every moment. You gave me unconditional love to face this beautiful phase of life more beautifully.

She also revealed the drastic changes they have to face in the future.

Now, we won’t have the alone time that we are enjoying now. We won’t able to go to movies every weekend, binge watch shows, or lay around and sleep. Most probably we have to avoid late-night dates and so on.

But we will have a baby in our life that will be an amazing moment for us. We are eagerly awaiting the moment that’s when holding our baby in our arms. I know, there will be so many sleepless nights and morning sickness for me but we will enjoy the magical moments that will change our lives forever. Things will change but I know your unconditional love concern will same. You are gonna the most loving father and I love the life we live together.

Her interesting thought about motherhood

Motherhood is the loveliest feeling for women. Motherhood can be beautiful or messy as sometime you will feel all the things are gonna well and sometimes you will feel nothing is good there whatever it is, these are the amazing moments for a mother. As the time passed with the love of your partner and parents, you will overcome these kinds of mood swings. And you will feel an aroma of happiness around you.

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