Josh Duggar sentence: Judge denies for New Trial Day Before Sentencing, Says ‘Argument Lacks Merit

 Josh Duggar sentence: Judge denies for New Trial Day Before Sentencing, Says ‘Argument Lacks Merit’: Josh Duggar was found guilty in December 2021 under the charges to obtain and possess the child’s sexual material. Then the judge will sentence Josh Duggar on On May 25, 2022. His legal team is appealing for a new trial day as there was not sufficient evidence against Josh shown in the court. For more breaking news follow

Josh Duggar update:-

The judge confirmed that there was no merit in Josh Duggar update of his case and that he was deserving one more trial.  Fox 24 has reported the defense has put the two formal proposals but the judge denied them from the bench. The legal team continuously requested a new trial but was denied all the time.  The legal team also present the evidence, maybe there was another person who viewed the child pornography but the judge was not satisfied with those proof and cancel the request for a new trial before one day of sentencing.

Josh Duggar news of sentencing:-

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The judge mentioned in his ruling that there were ample shreds of evidence that proved that Josh viewed the child abuse videos on his working computer at the office. Testimonies have proved that the sexual abuse files were opened on his computer when he was present in the office and working on it.

The legal team tried to appeal that Caleb Williams might be viewed the sexual images instead Josh Duggar but the judge canceled as they failed to present enough evidence against this claim.

Josh Duggar sentence:-

Finally, the judge has announced that  Josh will get a sentence Wednesday, May 25 under the charge of child pornography.  It Is unknown, what sentence will be announced by the judge, prosecution has appealed for the maximum Josh Duggar sentence of 25 years in the jail while his legal team of Josh is appealing for the 5-year sentence against the charges of Josh.

The prosecution has proved that previously Josh was also involved in the child abuse cases he has a history to be involved in the child sexual cases.  He didn’t get any therapy and treatment to stay himself from these kinds of crimes so, 25 years sentence will be a good lesson for him.  His family seemed quiet in the case and made themselves limited to commenting on the case. Her wife, Anna Dagger showed belief in his husband’s innocence during all hearings of the case.

Finally, Josh’s sentence will occur at 9:30 a.m. CT on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in Arkansas.

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