Jonny Depp and Amber Heard say bye while leaving courtroom.

Camille Vasquez calls Amber Heard “deeply troubled person desperate for attention” during closing arguments: The defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has reached the final stage and closing arguments were heard in court today. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard leave court after closing arguments which was filled with lots of drama. Attorney Camille Vasquez accused Amber Heard of being an abuser and she should pay for all the lies she has said in the last few years.

There has been lots of twists and turns in this high profile case that is running for nearly six weeks. During the closing arguments, Depp’s team made strong statements against Heard and said that her actions have ruined the career of Johnny Depp. Camillie said that Amber Heard was an abuser and Depp was abused due to her actions. He also mentioned that Amber was a deeply troubled person who desperately needed some attention. According to Depp’s attorney, the restraining order filed by Heard against Depp has affected his career in the last six years.

Camille argued that Depp’s reputation was at stake due to the case and he is given the false image of an abuser as Heard maintains the image of a domestic violence survivor. The attorney said that Heard filed a false domestic violence case against Depp and even informed the media about the case to get publicity and defame her husband.

Depp’s team argued that the dark mark on Amber’s face appeared few days after she saw Depp and she managed to give an impression to the media that she was a survivor of domestic violence. According to Depp’s team, Amber used that image to promote her career and she was seen as a public figure who survived domestic violence and came out strong. However, during the process, she has spoiled the image of Depp in the eyes of the public.

Heard’s team argued that Depp and his team were sending a wrong message to the survivors of domestic violence and their attitude has shown their real character in the last few weeks. The defamation case has been running in similar fashion since the last six weeks and it all started with Depp suing Amber for $50 million. In return, Heard sued him for $100 million. Heard’s team argued that they are not after getting the money but they want Amber to be free from further trouble. It would be interesting to see how this case moves in the next few days.


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