Jamshedpur Breaking News: Massive explosion at Tata Steel’s coke plant, one injured, people panicked after hearing the sound

Massive fire explosion at Tata Steel plant in Jamshedpur, three injured: On  Saturday, a massive fire explosion has taken place at the Tata Steel plant in Jamshedpur and three co-workers have injured in the accident.   In a few seconds, the fire went horrible and workers were not able to control it, They tried to get out of the place but three workers got injured. The voice of the explosion is too high it makes the person gathered to call for help to set out the fire. Later 5 firefighters have come to the site to control the fire as per ANI news agency.

Jamshedpur Breaking News:-

The accident occurred due to gas leaking during the gas cutting and welding process in the factory. Chief Minister Hemant Soren also shared the news of this horrible accident on the Twitter handle. District administration officials also taking action for the best treatment of the injured person with the Tata Steel Management. One person is seriously injured on his thigh and the other two have a small injury. All three are admitted to the hospital. The explosion took place between batteries number five, six, and seven of the coking plant.

Jamshedpur News Today:-

The Tata management stated that an explosion has happened in the gas line of the plant battery. The battery number is 6.  The accident took place around 10:20 a.m. on Saturday.  Now the battery has been extinguished. When we got the news of the accident, we arranged for ambulances and firefighters to control the situation in the factory. The accident was horrible, we agreed. We will provide the best treatment to our injured co-workers and meanwhile, we will help their families too.

Further management stated,”  we are aware of the safety protocol that is why as we reported the accident, we immediately arrange help for our workers and we trained our worker to face these kinds of accidents but as the fire explosion has set, they started to run in search of a safe place it made our three workers injured. Gas linking was the root cause of the accident”.  As a responsible corporate, we remain committed to safe operation at our workplace and the safety and well-being of all its stakeholders.

Now,  everything is under control at the location. Two injured people were discharged from the hospital after some time but one co-worker is in serious condition in the hospital. The maintenance process has been started at the unit and we are arranging to make the number 6 battery separate from others batteries.

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