Jamnagar businessmen ‘rapes’ son’s wife : Gujarat

The renowned businessman allegedly rapes their son’s wife and threatens to kill her son in GujJamnagar, Gujarat: A prominent businessman in Jamnagar has been accused of rape by his daughter-in-law in Jamnagar. She complained to police late on Thursday night, alleging that he raped her four times between February 14 to April 14 this year by her father-in-law only. For all the breaking news worldwide follow onbreakingnews.com

The Woman tied the knot with his son in 2002 in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This couple has 18 years old son also. Earlier everything was going fine. However, a couple of years into married life, there were many differences, bitter quarrels and clashes came, and it was their daily routine following which the rape survivor’s brother-in-law and wife began living separately in the same city only. It was very difficult to live in this condition for her with her son. SO, she decided to live at her parent’s home in Surat, Gujarat.

And she started living at her parent’s home in Surat along with her son. She won the Alimony case and gets 6000 per month.

When her mother died in 2017, then his family went to her home in surat for condolences. Then they requested her to come back to Jamnagar, and she returned to her in-law’s house.

However, Quarrels started again like earlier. After being fed up with this situation, she started living at her brother-in-law home. And after appx 1 year, her husband also started living with her at his brother’s home.

On 14th February, When the woman was sleeping at the night, her father-in-law came and woke her up by saying that he was thirsty and there was no water in the tank.  And when she went to check the water. In the meantime, he grabbed her from behind and took her away in the room. Where he raped his daughter-in-law. And threatened her to keep quiet otherwise he would kill her son, according to reports.

The complaint:

According to her complaint, her father-in-law told her that he would never allow her to feel the absence of her husband and allegedly raped her three times when her son was not at home, said AP Sapiya, inspector, B-division police station.

An inspector stated that the woman told her that he would never allow her to feel the absence of her husband and allegedly carried out the crime 3 times when his son was not present.

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