Jami Gertz net worth and Wiki Bio: What makes Jami Gertz one of the richest actors in the world?

Jami Gertz net worth and Wiki Bio: What makes Jami Gertz one of the richest actors in the world? Jami Gertz is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and she also has lot of interest in other businesses related to sports and entertainment. Not many people know that she is one of the richest actors in the world. Let us see what puts her in this spot. For more breaking news follow onbreakingnews.com

Jami Gertz net worth and wiki

According to reliable estimates, the net worth of the popular actress is around $ 3 Billion. Not to mention that her husband is also a billionaire businessman. However, Jami did not become rich after getting married she was already a successful actress and had lots of money of her own. Apart from having a production house of her own, she even has an NBA team and is involved in several other business ventures.

Jami Gertz Career:-

Jami Gertz net worth

Jami Gertz was a successful actress in the 80s and has delivered some big hit programs like The facts of life, Family Ties, Square Pegs, Dreams, and Different Strokes. She was soon seen in movies like Less than Zero, The lost Boys, Sixteen Candles, and Solarbabies.

Not stopping at acting, she also started her scent designing business in France while balancing her acting career in Hollywood. She was part of movies like Keeping up with the Steins and Twister even after starting her business.

Jami Gertz and Anthony Ressler:-

She got married to Anthony Ressler in 1989 who worked as a financier and had several businesses. After getting married, the couple started Ares Management and Apollo Global Management companies along with other partners and these investments made them millions in the next few years.

Jami had even mentioned in an interview that she was richer than her husband when they got married and she bought the couple’s first house with her money after their marriage. They have been married for more than three decades now and have three adorable children.

Jami Gertz Relationships:-

The couple later bought NBA team Atlanta Hawks in 2015 and this alone is worth close to a billion according to estimates. Jami also owns a production company named Lime Orchard Productions in 2010 and she has mentioned that the project is very close to her heart. Apart from these investments, she also has interest in several other construction projects and made good money through different channels. Netizens will now have a clear idea about the savvy business mind of this awesome actress. She has put her money in the right projects and they have given good returns in the last few decades.

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